How Much Of The Face Does The Surgical Mask Cover?

A surgical mask is probably one of the things that members of the general population want to have. It has long been used by the general population even before the pandemic hit the world. There are a lot of things about surgical masks and considerations for wearing surgical masks that individuals are expected to know, especially now that we are six months into the public health crisis.

With that, this article aims to provide information on the surgical masks and everything that a person should know about it. 

The Surgical Masks Facts You Need To Know

There are a couple of facts about surgical masks that the person should know by now. There are a lot of health and safety protocols that have been set by the government in order to protect individuals. With that, the following are the surgical masks facts that you need to know:

  • Persons who are below the age of two are not expected to know how to wear masks in public. If you have a child, you are expected a lot to afford protection for your child. If your child does not have any business flowing outside or if your child does not have any problem that requires him or her to go outside and be exposed to the elements, you should keep your child inside the house. No amount of surgical mask, N95 mask, and personal protective equipment can protect your child.
  • Surgical masks can only cover half of the face if not less. If you notice a surgical mask can only cover the nostrils up to the chin if you know how to fit it properly but it cannot cover anything more than that. This means that your eyes may be exposed without you knowing and that is why social distancing is enforced and that is also why other personal protective equipment for the eyes have been created by the manufacturers in order to protect the eyes in the upper part of the face that is not at all covered by the surgical mask.
  • Any person above the age of two should already be wearing masks in public settings. In private households are in private settings, if you have guests coming from another place you are expected to wear a mask. Of course, this means that you are expecting us at home when in fact you should not.
  • Surgical masks will offer protection for you and for those around you. It is necessary to wear them because there are some instances where the individual who is already positive with the virus has no idea that he has the virus. He falls under the category of individuals who are asymptomatic. But even if you are asymptomatic, you have no idea if the people around you have the same immunity or your body will react the same when their bodies are attacked by the coronavirus.
  • Wearing a surgical mask will never be a substitute for social distancing. Surgical masks should still be worn and individuals should always practice physical distancing at least 6 feet apart.
  • Washing your hands properly for at least 20 seconds and having a hand sanitizer or an alcohol that is 60% effective is the best way for you to protect your hands from touching surfaces that may be infected with the virus. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that services are already safe when you wash your hands. What is sure is that you are at least protected from the virus.
  • Surgical masks are not necessary when you are by yourself. If you live in a place where you live alone and they're not a lot of people there are no people that you share 6 feet of space with, there's no need for you to wear a mask. There is however always a need for you to wear a surgical mask whenever you are going outside even if you think that there will not be a lot of people in the place that you were going to. It is important to cover your face because it is the best kind of way to protect yourself.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the places that individuals rely on when it comes to their protection.  You can protect yourself from the virus and you can always follow all of the requirements set by the CDC. As an additional precaution, you may also follow all of the terms set by the local state and your states department of health. The protection of yourself from the virus is dependent on you. You are the only person who can honestly say whether or not you have been faithful in everything that you do and whether or not you have been faithful with the protection that is required of you.

Get Your Supply

It is already known that surgical masks have a bacterial efficiency of protecting the wearer against the virus for respiratory particles around ninety percent. However, developments in the creation of surgical masks and in the creation of people have led many factors to surgical masks that are already 98% in terms of protecting the individual.

With that, it is important for you to know that surgical masks are the favorites. There are a lot however that we should follow terms of the protocols that have been set by the state or by the Health Department.

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