How popular are N95 respirators in New York?

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the world observed some of the severe and alarming situations. China was the most affected country at the very start, but soon the virus started to spread in other countries of the world. America received its first coronavirus patient at the end of February and soon after the first case the number surged continuously and more and more people were affected by the virus.

In the United States of America, the New York state became the epicenter of the virus. Every day thousands of people were being infected with the virus and thousands were losing their lives. The situation was getting worst each day and the virus was going uncontrolled. The government and the local authorities were too much worried about the conditions. Thousands of people were being taken to hospitals each day.

COVID-19 and PPEs

The situations led to more and more demands of the personal protection equipment. People were sorting out ways to save themselves from the virus. The American Center for Disease Control and Command (CDC) along with the NIOSH and other state departments was taking major steps to prevent the virus from spreading. Face masks along with the proper social distancing measures were made necessary.

Everyone was advised by the state department to wear face masks. Face masks were coming in various models. However, N95 face masks and N95 respirators became the most effective tools for protection against the virus. Initially, these N95 masks were considered as the best for the medical staff and workers in the healthcare facilities. But soon, due to the effective results of the N95 masks, these masks reached in the public. 

People started using N95 masks in New York without any limits. Everyone was running around the city to buy these N95 masks for themselves and their family. Millions of N95 masks were sold in just a few days. The sudden rise in the sales of the N95 masks caused the shortage problem of the N95 masks. 

Retail stores in New York City were flooded by thousands of people for the purchase of

these N95 masks. Manufacturers received thousands of orders from various retails stores for these N95 masks. Still, they were not able to meet the supply line. The problem surged in New York for the availability of these N95 masks just because of the wired rang popularity of these N95s. 

The question here lies that what made these N95 masks so much popular in New York City? Why people were buying these N95s at such a high ratio? Why the retail stores and the online stores were ordering millions of the N95 masks from the manufacturers? The answer lies in the N95 mask itself. N95 has some of the best qualities due to which it is considered to be the best mask available at present.

Following are some of the qualities of the N95 masks which are the reason for such wide range popularity of the N95 masks in the New York City:

Air Filtration Ability

N95 masks are used for the filtration of the airborne and the dust particles from the air that contain some of the serious pollutants which can cause respiratory problems. These masks can filter the viruses as well. They have 95% filtration efficiency, which makes them the best to filter almost all of the particles from the air. 

As the COVID-19 virus is the smallest and it can transfer through people to people contact. So, it is necessary to have such protection that can block this transfer. N95 provides this ability. It filters all the viral particles. So, due to this high efficiency, N95 masks became so much popular in the New York state. 

Comfort Level

All of the other face masks available in the market were less comfortable. Some of them had the PVC pipes inside them for holding the masks at the nose. This caused the problem for people who were allergic to PVCs. Other masks were not able to filter all of the particles effectively. The virus could easily pass through these masks.

However, N95 masks proved to be much comfortable for the wearers. These N95 masks are made of the most comfortable polymer fibers. Secondly, the adjustable nose  

clip helps the wearer to hold the N95 effectively on the face. These N95 masks fit tightly on the face and provide maximum filtration ability. Moreover, the braided straps also provide an effective holding ability. 

The color of the N95 masks is also simple. So, due to this comfort level, these N95 masks became the most popular face masks in the New York state. 

Verified and Reliable

The N95 masks are verified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of the USA and also by the Center for Disease Control and Command (CDC). They are properly checked for their air filtration ability and comfort level. So, they are considered as the best and most reliable masks. This was the major factor that increased the popularity of the N95s in the New York state.

Total Demand of the N95s in New York State

It was estimated by various research institutes and N95 manufacturing companies that during the coronavirus, New York state needed almost 5 million N95s per day. The healthcare facilities needed these N95s the most and also the general public wanted these N95s at the most.


So, during the coronavirus, the N95 masks were in high demand in New York. The quality filtration and comfortability made them the most popular masks. 

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