How popular are N95 respirators in the United States?

A quick Google search will tell you that in the United States alone, as of August 2020, there are already 

5.31 million confirmed cases of coronavirus. Every single step done to prevent community transmission is now out the window. What is the next step you can do at home? You can prevent the virus from getting in. You need your own personal protective equipment. You need your own N95 respirator.

Hence, there came the great mask debate. Should you wear a mask out of your contribution to society? Or should you not wear one out of your own decision and free will? If you are leaning on the part of the wearing one, what do you wear? Should you wear an N95 respirator or is a cloth mask enough? Should you even bother about anything given that this pandemic is currently out of anybody’s hands?

In this article, we will discuss just how much you may need an N95 respirator and how popular (and necessary) they have been in the United States.

Expert Advice

Off the bat, you need to know one thing: N95 respirators are considered as the gold standard of masks. They are these tight-fitting masks that protect the user from some very small respiratory airborne particles that target the mouth and the nose. Experts say that N95 masks offer the best kind of protection that money can buy. 

In the United States alone, the demand for N95 Masks is very high. Hospitals and medical experts use this for the highest level of protection that they need. 

When Should You Use N95 Masks? 

N95 Masks are all good for many uses. If you are not in the medical frontline, you are probably asking yourself about when you should use N95 respirators. The following are the scenarios:

  • If you live in an apartment or condominium complex, you should use an N95 mask wherever you go outside. A task as simple as throwing garbage can affect your life and expose you to the virus. 
  • If you work in retail or in areas with high foot traffic, it is recommended that you take an N95 respirator with you at all times. Exposure to other people means exposure to the virus. It is prudent for you to use your N95 mask if you are going to work and socializing with other people. 
  • When you are caring for an individual who has been exposed to the virus or is a confirmed case, you should wear your N95 mask at all times. You should also have available personal protective equipment at hand. 
  • When you are experiencing any of the symptoms, you should wear an N95 mask even when you are at home. This ensures that you are also protecting the people around you from the virus, in case you have it.
  • When you are working with people who are showing symptoms, an N95 mask is your protection against them and their symptoms. 

How Popular Are N95 Masks Compared To Other Masks? 

In the United States and based on NIOSH standards, the N95 masks are considered as the most popular. While they are not the most affordable, the N95 masks is most popular because of the following reasons:

  • N95 masks provide the best level of protection. With a 95% efficiency in filtration, N95 masks allow the user to have the best protection out there. It reduced contracting the virus and viral transmission by 95 percent. 
  • N95 respirators can get reused. One of the most important things about N95 masks is the fact that they can get reused. There are already studies that have shown how households can clean and sanitize their masks while maintaining the level of protection that it has to offer. 
  • N95 masks are great for all levels of protection. From the most critical person who is in need of the mask and focuses on the protection of the individual who goes out every once in a while to run errands and stock up on supplies, the N95 mask is the best protection available. Every person who would need protection is given the level of protection that he requires. 
  • N95 masks are socially acceptable. We all know that social status is important for many individuals. Some people are even willing to purchase masks from high end designers even if they do not provide any level of protection as high as their contemporaries. When you use the N95 mask, people know that you take your health seriously and that you take others in consideration as well. Wearing an N95 respirator is the new cool.

  • Protect Yourself and Others

    N95 Masks are popular because they give a certain level of ease for the person wearing it. People who have worn the N95 mask report that they feel more protected and taken care of by the mask. It is scientific. 

    Currently, N95 respirators are also fashionable and socially accepted. You are doing yourself a big favor by purchasing your own stock of N95 masks at home. The only thing that you need to always make sure is that you will have an N95 mask that is ready for you. Have one in stock at home. Have one in stock in the office. You should also have one in your car. The N95 respirator is your first line of defense in a world that is ridden by a virus.

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