How To Buy N95 Masks In DC

Buying N95 masks to have in stock at home is one of the biggest steps that you can take in order to show that you are protecting yourself from the virus. There are already so many ways for people to get their hands on the N95 masks and so many ways to maximize the current supply that one needs.

In this article, let us talk about the important details about the state of the coronavirus in DC, Washington, how you can protect yourself through the right N95 masks and other personal protective equipment, and how you can follow all of the rules that have been set in DC.

The Coronavirus Situation in DC

As of writing, DC has around 18,814 positive coronavirus cases. This is a big number considering that the State is doing everything in its power to make sure that the people they have jurisdiction over is properly aware of the problem and that they have rules in place to protect not just the government but also the general population. 

In terms of the critical patients, DC currently has 44 intensive care unit (ICU) beds available in hospitals out of 345 total ICU beds. They have 301 total ICU inpatients, 34 of which are COVID-19 positive ICU patients.

The Rules Set By DC Government

The most important rules set by the DC government is requiring the people to do their share in helping flatten the curve. Individuals have been required to follow the minimum health standards such as practicing social distancing, wearing a mask or a face covering, washing hands, and staying at home if the individual feels sick. These are important health protocols that individuals should follow when they live in DC.

Every person is required to wear a mask, except a handful of people, such as:

  • Children who are two years old or younger;
  • Persons who have physical disability or mental disability;
  • When the individual is a resident or guest in a private home or apartment and he is in the privacy of his home;
  • Individuals who are engaged in vigorous outdoor exercise and is maintaining social distance of at least six (6) feet from each other person, during the time of the activity;
  • Individuals who are swimming in a pool;
  • Individuals who work in an enclosed office that no one else is permitted to enter;
  • The equipment required for a job precludes the wearing of a mask and the person is wearing that equipment, or when wearing a mask would endanger public safety;
  • A person has been lawfully asked to remove the mask for facial recognition purposes; and
  • Individuals who work in the judicial or legislative branches of the District government while they are on duty as well as to individual employees of the federal government while they are on duty.

How To Buy N95 Masks If You Are In DC

Buying N95 masks is now very easy wherever you are in the United States because the sources are not just limited to the physical stores but also to the online stores as well. 

The following are the ways for you to buy N95 masks in DC:

  • Physical stores of pharmacies and supermarkets - there are already a lot of places in DC that sell personal protective equipment like N95 masks and N95 respirators. In DC, it has been very important to follow the protocol and make sure that individuals will get their own share of the protection offered by the N95 masks and the N95 respirators.
  • Online Stores - It is important for individuals to buy from online stores especially now that the world wants everyone to stand still. People should love and experience what the online stores have to offer so people should always enjoy the beauty that comes with buying online. There are a lot of online stores that sell N95 masks that are authentic and of high quality and they are the following:
    • Clinical Supplies USA - the company that is based in California but sells all over the United States is this company. They have made sure that they will supply the needs of the population for N95 masks and N95 respirators and people will definitely love it. 
    • Amazon - Amazon is one of the best sources of whatever people want to have online. They are definitely the one stop shop that people need to support and buy from.

Support The Government

Wherever you may be, it is important to do one thing that could make a difference for the world and that is to support the government. You need to support the government to make sure that you and the rest of the people you love will get the right kind of information that you need and the right kind of protection. 

How do you support the government’s efforts against the coronavirus? You follow the government rules that they set. There is always a reason behind every single protocol and people need to know just that. You should also buy the right kind of personal protective equipment like N95 masks and everything else in between. 

You should make sure that you keep yourself updated about the virus and how you can do your part in protecting yourself, your family, and everyone else in the world. It is your duty to yourself to have the right kind of protection but it is your duty to the community that compels you to buy N95 masks and make sure that you are safe from the virus.

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