How to buy n95 masks in New Jersey

In the state of New Jersey in the United States of America, a mask mandate was enacted on July 8th of this year. This mask mandate requires the citizens of New Jersey to wear face masks when going outdoors. The mask mandate also does not require those people who are having respiratory conditions and children two years old and under.

As of the latest tally, the state has over 4,000 positive cases. And with the continuous rise of cases for Covid-19 positives, masks are sure to be found beneficial and handy. Masks are people’s first line of defense if social/physical distancing is not observed. Observing proper hand sanitation and the wearing of face masks ensures protection from coronavirus,

However, not all masks are equally created. This inequality does not mean the invalidation of their abilities. It just means that there are masks that have better protection than other masks. Masks like the N95 mask have greater protection level than surgical and washable cloth masks.

The N95 mask is the most trusted mask by healthcare workers. This is due to its filtration ability. The N95 mask is capable of filtering bacteria of 3.0 microns in size and particles of 0.1 microns in size. Also, the N95 mask would not be a medically recommended and graded mask without the guidance of the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These organizations ensure that the N95 mask is of great quality. Moreover, the N95 mask follows the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC); ensuring that the N95 mask achieves the necessary percentage of filtration. These reasons put the N95 mask as the most in-demand mask in the world today.

What makes the N95 mask the most in-demand?

The N95 mask is worn around the area of the nose and the mouth. A mask can induce discomfort and irritability if worn for hours. But the N95 mask is designed to be worn for longer durations. The N95 mask has a covered nose clip made from quality materials to ensure comfort. Also, the N95 mask is not made or does not have any material made from latex, which can trigger irritation. With the nose clip and the material from which the mask is made, the N95 mask offers both comfort and convenience.

Another reason why the N95 mask is in demand is that it is cheap. If the N95 mask that you bought is priced around $8 to $10 per piece, ditch the mask. You do not want to be a victim of price gouging. Prior to the pandemic, the N95 mask is priced around $1.50 to $2 per piece. With the pandemic, the N95 mask is priced around $3 to $4 per piece. Still a little expensive? Companies that manufacture the N95 mask explained that they have to deal with costs that come along in making the N95 mask.

One last reason is that the N95 mask can actually aid breathing. You might be wondering because an N95 mask is a closed mask. However, the N95 mask has two types; the unvalved N95 mask and the valved N95 mask. The unvalved N95 mask is commonly used in hospitals while the valved N95 mask is used in commercial industries. The unvalved N95 mask is not perfect for people suffering from breathing difficulties and other respiratory problems that concern breathing. These people can wear the valved N95 mask. The valve can aid the exhalation while the inhaled air is still filtered. With the valved N95 mask, breathing is easier.

With all the reasons and the fame that the N95 mask has, the mask is experiencing scarcity. This is why companies that supply the N95 mask doubled their efforts in recent months to meet worldwide demand. Although the N95 masks are slowly being restocked, the demand continues to skyrocket.

Where to buy N95s in New Jersey?

With the mask mandate of New Jersey, citizens of the state are looking into places and websites as to how they are going to procure their own N95 mask.

Protective Health Gear of Patterson, New Jersey has been reported to respond to the demand for the N95 mask. On October 2nd of this year, the company had manufactured over 50,000 pieces of the N95 mask in a day. Like other N95 masks, their masks also have a cushion made from foam to induce comfort while wearing the mask.

The website also sells the N95 mask. In fact, the N95 mask under this website has the best-selling models of the N95 mask in all of the US. The website sells the mask in 10s, and 20s; with really great reviews. They offer free shipping with orders of $200 and over.

Moreover. Stores like The Home Depot, Walgreens, and Lowe’s Home Improvement sell the N95 mask at such an affordable price.

With the pandemic, people are expected to follow three things: Staying at home, Observing social/physical distancing protocols, and wearing a face mask. Following the mask, the mandate does not cost anyone, anything. In fact, wearing a face mask decreases the chance of people not to get in contact with the deadly virus. With the continuous efforts of healthcare workers and the government in providing effective preventive measures, coordinating with them and complying with the established mandates will surely be a great help.  Wear a mask and help one another. 

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