How to buy n95 masks in Vermont

As the most powerful country in the world, the United States knelt on covid-19. With the most number of positive cases, the US surpassed the cradle of the pandemic – China. Now, the United States has to implement ways to destabilize covid-19 transmission. One of which is a promulgated mask mandate.

Mask Mandates require US citizens to wear protective masks approved by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These approved masks have to be worn in public. As of August of this year, Governor Phil Scott signed into effect the mask mandate for the state of Vermont. Not only the citizens of Vermont but also their visitors have to wear protective masks in public spaces. As of December, the state of Vermont has a total of 4,763 cases with 77 deaths; making it 47th in the rank across 50 states.

But which mask is the best?

In a study conducted by medical professionals and scientists from the United States, the N95 mask emerged as the most effective mask out of all 14 available masks on the market. The N95 mask has shown dexterity in filtering particles both in and out of the mask. The N95 mask is also called the N95 respirator. The N95 mask forms a tight seal around the nose and mouth. The N95 mask is the best protection against small aerosolized or airborne particles. N95, because it is not oil resistant and can filter up to 95 percent of airborne particles. This is in accordance with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s classification in the United States. With this evidence of efficiency, the N95 mask is the most recommended mask by medical professionals. Moreover, this makes the N95 mask the most in-demand across all US states.

Since the N95 mask is in-demand and the most effective, it faced a shortage recently. This shortage of the N95 mask made hospitals decide to resort to reusing their mask. With the rigorous efforts of the manufacturers of the N95 mask, the supply of the mask is slowly becoming rapid without sacrificing its quality.

Citizens of Vermont can now access and enjoy the benefits of the N95 mask. There are two ways to buy the N95 mask in Vermont. Online and through a store. is the leading website in selling N95 masks. Their N95 mask comes in the 20s or 50s with varying prices but the same protection. The website has a policy about its delivery.

The other way is through their stores. Here are some of the stores that citizens of Vermont can buy their N95 masks.

  1. Hardware / Depot / Paint Store

The N95 mask is not only popular in the medical field but also in the fields of engineering and construction. The N95 mask is sold in hardware and home depots. These stores sell both the unvalved N95 mask and the valved N95 mask. They sell the N95 mask at an affordable rate, which is the standard pricing from the manufacturers themselves. These are the stores in Vermont in which their citizens can buy the N95 mask:

  • The Home Depot in Williston and Bennington
  • Bibens Ace Hardware in South Burlington
  • Noble Ace in Rutland
  • Sherwin-Williams Paint Store in South Burlington and Montpelier
  1. Supermarkets

Supermarkets are home also to the N95 mask. Usually, in the hardware section of the supermarket is where the N95 mask is located. Like Hardware and Depots, supermarkets subscribe to the retail price established by the manufacturers of the N95 mask. Walmart Supercenter in Berlin is where the citizens can buy the N95 mask.

  1. Drug Stores

Pharmacies and Drugstores alike sell the N95 mask. Citizens can buy their N95 masks without the fear of being offered a counterfeit version. These stores also subscribe to the standard pricing of the N95 mask. Kinney Drugs in Vergennes and Cambridge are some of the drug stores that sell the N95 mask.

  1. Medical Supply Store

The Medical Supply Store is where most of the hospitals in Vermont purchase their N95 mask. Usually, the N95 masks are for sale in bulk orders. Citizens of Vermont can also access the medical supply store for their personal supply of the N95 mask. The Medical Store in South Burlington is the leading medical supply store in Vermont.

Valved or Non-Valved?

There are two types of the N95 mask; the one with a valve and the one without a valve. The unvalved N95 mask is widely used in hospitals. With the absence of the valve, this type of N95 mask does not endanger any sterile environment within the hospital. The valved N95 mask is often ditched by hospitals because the valve filters the inhaled air and not the exhaled air. The air that is exhaled out of the valved N95 mask contains microorganisms that can potentially endanger any sterile environment within the hospital.

Citizens must use the unvalved N95 mask. It has a two-way benefit. The unvalved N95 mask protects the wearer and the people around the area. The valved N95 mask is not recommended by the CDC because of the harm it poses.

If citizens continue to wear protective masks in public, Vermont will remain in the lowest rank with less positive cases for the virus. Masks will always protect people across all races. A mask lessens the chance of contamination and heightens the survival rate of people. A mask is better than no mask.

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