How to buy n95 masks in Washington

Surpassing China, the United States has now the highest number of covid-19 positives with 14.4 Million cases. This is because not all of the 50 states in the US strictly imposed a mask mandate. Countries like Thailand and New Zealand imposed their mask mandate to their citizens along with the rigorous covid-19 response.

A mask mandate requires citizens to wear a protective mask in public. As of July 26, 2020, the state of Washington has promulgated a mask mandate for its citizens. This is in response to their growing cases reaching 183,000 cases as of December.

With the mask mandate, citizens have to wear a mask. A mask has proven to demobilize covid-19 transmission, leading to fewer reported cases every day. However, this posits the idea as to which mask is effective.

The N95 mask has established its reputation as the most recommended mask by medical experts. With its filtration ability, the N95 mask is no stranger in the game of protection. Before the pandemic, the N95 mask has been a staple in the field of Medicine.

The N95 mask has straps that are wrapped around the head. The straps of the N95 mask support the mask in giving a tight seal around the area of the nose and mouth. With the tight seal, the N95 mask has little to no room for leakage. The N95 mask has an advantage compared to any other masks available on the market. Made from non-latex materials, the N95 mask is not known to induce any form of irritation. The N95 mask works both in inhalation and exhalation. Particles from the outside are filtered by the N95 mask through its engineered filter. The same goes for the particles inside the N95 mask.

There are two types of the N95 mask; the valved N95 mask and the unvalved N95 mask. Most hospitals use the unvalved N95 mask because of the sterile nature of the hospital. The valved N95 mask can endanger the sterility of the hospital. The valved N95 mask only filters the air that is inhaled by the wearer. The exhaled air is not filtered. This is also the reason why the valved N95 mask is not recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The exhaled air from the valved N95 mask can endanger the person surrounding the wearer.

Since the N95 mask has proven its efficiency, this puts the mask into scarcity. The more people use the N95 mask, the more it becomes in-demand. And once the demand is not met, the mask becomes scarce. This was the situation of the N95 mask as the cases rose exponentially in the US.

However, N95 mask manufacturers are doing their constant efforts; meeting the demands for the mask in the international arena. This makes the N95 mask becoming more available to consumers, more particularly to the citizens of Washington.

Ways to buy the N95 mask in Washington

The most accessible way to buy the N95 mask is online. Online transactions have increased at an overwhelming rate due to strict lockdown measures and the endorsement of the state government to stay at home. is the leading site where citizens of Washington can buy their N95 masks.

The other one is through a store. Some workers that offer essential service to people can go out and are permitted to go out. Here are some stores that people can go and buy their N95 mask:

  • Pharmacy

Aside from prescription drugs, the N95 mask can be sold in a pharmacy. The good thing about a pharmacy is it is closely tied to a medical supply chain that distributes the N95 mask. Also, The N95 mask in a pharmacy is guaranteed safe and follows the standard pricing as suggested by the manufacturer. Here are some stores across the Washington state:

  • Walgreens
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Bartell Drugs
  • Home Depot

Home Depot not only offers home improvement services and tools but also, offers the N95 mask. Both the valved N95 mask and the unvalved N95 mask are sold here. This is because the efficiency of the N95 mask is acknowledged in the fields of construction and engineering. The Home Depot has 50+ branches across Washington state. 

  • Hardware

A Hardware is known for offering various services and tools that cater to multiple needs in construction. Since the N95 mask is acknowledged in the field of construction, the N95 mask is sold in hardware as well. Both the valved and the unvalved N95 masks are sold here. The leading store in Washington is Ace Hardware.

  • Supermarket

Supermarkets have mini hardware sections or utility sections that house the N95 mask. They follow the standard pricing and are one of the most accessible stores to drive to. Walmart sells the N95 mask at an affordable price.

Red Flags to watch before buying the N95 mask

Although these stores have proven to have legit N95 masks, there are red flags that consumers must look into.

  • In an N95 mask, there are markings and words. These markings on the N95 mask must be spelled correctly. Otherwise, it is fake.
  • Along with the markings is the NIOSH approval number. If it’s incomplete, the N95 mask that you have purchased is a counterfeit.
  • With the protection the N95 mask can provide, it is not suitable for children. If your purchased N95 mask claims to be safe for children, it is a fake one.

A mask is the only way that citizens of Washington can help in slowing down the rapid increase of positive cases. With the observance of social/physical distancing, a mask is an efficient tool in protecting themselves and others.

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