How to find Honeywell N95 mask discounts

Right now, the United States is facing an increase in COVID-19 cases along with the rest of the world. The healthcare sector has been severely affected by this situation, with reports of facilities collapsing after not having the capacity for the increase in patient influx they receive, which has been happening all over the world since the pandemic began.

This peaks of COVID-19 cases usually mean one thing for these centers: there will be shortages of medical supplies. Healthcare workers have to be much more protected now than ever, and this involves layers and layers of personal protective equipment (PPE).

In the USA, the majority of the states have reported shortages of the main supplies needed for the protection of their workers, which has resulted in them working unprotected in many occasions. Now, with the new surge of COVID-19, shortages are only expected to be worse than ever.

N95 masks in particular, considered the best option for virus protection, have been the most affected item by these shortages. So, could it be possible to find discounts for Honeywell N95 masks? Let’s analyze this.

Is it possible to find discounts for Honeywell N95 masks?

N95 respirators are probably the most requested item by healthcare centers and hospitals right now. These facilities need this item because of its incredible antiviral filtering properties, which we’ll explain in detail later. But, this high value and demand has turned them in to a gold-like product: very scarce.

Many online stores, like Amazon and eBay only allow hospital to buy these masks and other medical supplies related to the pandemic in bulk and wholesale. So, as you can imagine, these masks are very difficult to find for sale especially for regular people.

Additionally, the cost of these masks has significantly increased since the pandemic began. The necessity to buy these masks and their scarce nature could only result in an increase on their monetary value. When purchased in bulk, they could cost less than $1, and now each one can cost as much as $4.

So, to answer this question in little words: it’s very unlikely that you’ll find a discount for N95 masks of any brand and any model, especially if you’re not a healthcare worker. And if this is the case, chances are you don’t really need these masks.

Reusable cloth masks, on the other hand, are widely available in multiple designs and sizes, including those for kids, and you can probably find discounts for them easily.

These are the types of masks the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends for the general public, used in situations with little risk of exposure in combination with social distancing. They’re enough protection for daily activities that don’t involve direct contact with COVID-19 patients.

Honeywell N95 masks during the pandemic

Honeywell has been known as an American company with a lot of diversity in its products. They began being known for their heating systems, and throughout the years expanded their catalogue to a lot of products, including personal protective equipment in many work areas.

During the pandemic, they’ve been one of the most reliable sources for N95 masks, along with 3M and the popular 3M N95 masks like the 3M 8511, the 3M 1860, and the 3M 8210. They have helped supply the USA with these valuable masks, increasing their production to catch up with the increase in the demand. To achieve this, they implemented multiple strategies.

One of the most important ones was the creation of a new production line for these masks located in Rhode Island. All the N95 masks produced there have been directly shipped to the US Department of Health and Human Services to be a part of the national emergency stockpile.

But, despite all these efforts, the company hasn’t been able to escape the shortages. Honeywell N95 masks have also fallen short to meet the demand, and as the pandemic continues, this situation is expected to remain the same or get worse.

Why are N95 masks being reserved for healthcare workers?

N95 masks are considered the best face mask for the pandemic for a reason. The virus protection they offer is unmatched by any other type of face mask, be it a reusable or disposable one. In healthcare settings, where contact with COVID-19 patients is sometimes necessary, workers require this level of protection, and any less than that wouldn’t be enough to keep them safe.

The antiviral properties of this mask come from the fact they’re respirators, which is why they’re also sometimes called N95 respirators. Their name come from a classification for respirators used in the USA to manufacture these items. The N means they can’t filter out particles with oil, and the 95 shows the 95% filtration rate they have for airborne particles.

This allows them to filter out particles that are very diverse and can be found in a wide variety of work environments representing a respiratory hazard. For this reason, the uses an N95 mask can have are multiple, and go outside the healthcare field. For example, their ability to filter out dust or smoke make them great options for construction workers, while their antiviral activity against diseases like the flu or COVID-19 make them crucial for healthcare settings.

Cloth masks wouldn’t be helpful in these settings, where social distancing sometimes isn’t possible, ad workers need to have direct contact with COVID-19 patients. But, in any other activity, like grocery shopping or public transportation, where people can stay 6 feet away from each other, these masks are the recommended ones for protection. Medical supplies like surgical masks, KN95 masks, N95 respirators, and face shields need to be prioritized for frontline workers right now.

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