How to find Moldex N95 mask discounts

Right now, the biggest threat the United States is facing is the COVID-19 pandemic, with a new increase in cases since the end of last year. With the holiday season just ending, in which traveling and social gatherings happened, cases are expected to keep increasing in the coming weeks, reaching a peak that is expected to be worse than the first one.

The healthcare sector has definitely been the most affected one, with many facilities collapsing after not having the capacity to attend the large amounts of patients they receive. This has been happening all around the world, and the USA is no exception.

But, along with the increase in patient influx, comes the increasing need for personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary for healthcare workers to stay safe while they treat people with COVID-19. This high demand has resulted in shortages of the most necessary items, and workers have had to be exposed to the virus without the proper protection, risking their lives.

One of the most necessary items in these types of facilities right now are the N95 masks. Many people can recognize Honeywell or 3M N95 masks, with popular models being the 3M 8210, the 3M 1860, and the 3M 8511. However, Moldex N95 masks have also been widely requested all over the country, especially in healthcare facilities.

So, is it possible to find discounts for these masks? Let’s understand why this isn’t likely.

Is it possible to find discounts for Moldex N95 masks?

As we mentioned, medical items like face shields, gloves, gowns, and KN95 masks, have been scarce since the pandemic began, and N95 respirators are the most affected supply. They’re also arguably the most important one, since healthcare workers need their antiviral filtering properties to work safely, as we’ll explain in detail later.

The increased value of these masks increased their demand, and resulted in production not being able to match it, despite the efforts made by some of the biggest companies. Healthcare facilities can hardly find these masks for sale in both physical and online stores, and only they can buy them in bulk and wholesale, as most companies are reserving them for frontline workers.

However, in many occasions, healthcare providers have had to work unprotected, reusing these disposable face masks, or wearing alternatives that don’t offer enough protection in these settings, like surgical masks or cloth masks.

With this situation, the price of N95 masks also increased. Before the pandemic, when bought in bulk, each mask could cost less than $1, and now the price can be as high as $4 each.

So, with all this information, it’s easy to conclude discounts for these items are not likely to exist. But, the good news is, if you’re not a frontline worker or a healthcare provider for COVID-19 patients, you don’t need these masks. The preferred choice for the general public in less risky situations are reusable cloth masks.

These are widely available online, and can even be made at home, which is the biggest discount you can think of. They can be bought in a wide range of designs and sizes, with many options for kids as well.

Moldex N95 masks during the pandemic

Among all the American manufacturers making efforts to produce reliable N95 respirators for healthcare centers we have Moldex. Specialized primarily in respiratory and hearing protection devices for many different work settings, this company produces 100% made in the USA products.

They’re recognized as one of the country’s main providers of these types of equipment, including ear plugs, ear muffs, respirators, and accessories for them. They have a wide variety of respirator types and models, including of course, N95 masks. However, their models were not designed for medical uses, and are industrial devices, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted many of them an emergency use authorization to be used as medical devices. Now, Moldex N95 masks can be used in healthcare settings, and they increased the production of these models to help alleviate the shortages.

Why are N95 masks being reserved for the healthcare field?

N95 masks hold the title as the best disposable face mask for virus protection in environments where people are closely and consistently exposed to the virus. Surgical masks and reusable cloth masks wouldn’t be efficient in these environments, as their filtering abilities are not enough for these high-risk situations. For this reason, these masks are necessary items in these types of facilities.

Known also as N95 respirators, their name is set by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, commonly known as NIOSH. They regulate respirators in the USA to ensure workplaces inside the country in which workers are exposed to respiratory hazards are staying safe and have the correct type of protection.

This classification is based on oil resistance, which indicates if the respirator can filter out oil-based particles or not, and filtration rate, which indicates the percentage of airborne particles the respirator can filter from the air. The N indicates no oil resistance and the 95 represents it can filter out 95% of airborne particles, which translates into these masks being able to have this efficacy as long as the particles don’t contain oil.

Some examples of these hazards include dust, pollen, metals, viruses like the flu or the coronavirus, and smoke particles, among others. These are so varied, the uses of N95 respirators are very diverse and not limited to the medical field. 

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