How to fix an N95 mask strap

N95 masks:

These are personal protective equipment that are used to cover the face. N95 masks are used by people against different microscopic airborne particles that can be harmful for human beings if they inhale these particles. These N95 masks are approved by Public health care organizations to be used in medical institutes and in public. N95 masks are made up of non-woven synthetic fiber that increases its efficiency to fit the harmful particles, while passing through it.

These respirators consist of different layers that are helpful in filtering many types of particles present in the air. And the particles filtered by N95 masks are Viruses, bacteria, pollen spores, fungal spores and dust particles, that are most common among all of them.

Role of N95 masks during pandemic:

COVID 19 appeared for the first time on the map of earth in China at the end of 2019. That time, no one considered it as a serious issue to notice. But after a few months when Coronavirus started spreading throughout the country and affected many people over there, the government of China tried to control it. But till then it had sped all over the world, was declared as pandemic, and one of the serious threats that had never happened.

 So, there was a need for some equipment that can control the transmission of COVID 19 throughout the world. Then they started using N95 masks that proved to be a life saving product for millions of people. N95 masks have controlled transfer of virus from an infected person to a healthy one, and this was a great strategy to control its further spread in many other countries all over the world.

Use of N95 masks as Personal Protective equipments:

Personal protective equipment is essential at this of COVID 19 because these are the only ways to keep people safe from this threatening situation that’s causing the death of millions of people all over the world. N95 mask is the most valuable personal protective equipment because of its high quality of filtration that makes it unique among all other products. N95 respirators are most demanded respirators in various countries because of its ability to filter different all kinds of microscopic particles present in the air.

N95 masks are considered as the most valuable gear among all other respirators, and there are lots of reasons behind this. One of the reasons is that it is unique in its filtration ability and can provide about 95% protection against any kind of harmful airborne particulate. N95 mask is most used at important places like construction sites and some other places like this where there is high rate of dust particles, and it saves people from inhalation of these harmful particles through respiration.

Why is it important to fix broken N95 masks?

As N95 masks are valuable respirators that help to give 95% protection against any kind of harmful virus, these have become the most demanded respirators all over the world. Even if N95 masks are the most trending respirators in many medical centers and healthcare centers, one thing that their manufacturers haven’t noticed, is their high rice.

It means it costs too much that not everyone can purchase it again and again, if it gets damaged by anything. And mostly the N95 products that are available on the internet are fake, because lots of companies are making the fake N95 products just for the sake of profit at any cost. So it’s really hard to dispose of a genuine N95 respirator just because of a slight damage to its straps. Because of this reason it’s important to know how to fix straps of N95 masks to save some dollars.

Fixation of N95 masks straps:

Facing a problem like broken straps of N95 masks is common these days because, as demand of N95 masks has increased, it has created a stress on manufacturers to produce N95 masks on a large scale within a short period of time. That's why their manufacturers are making some mistakes and quality losses.  Because of this shelf life of N95 masks has decreased to 5 or 7 days. 

So here is the way through which, people can fix straps of N95 masks. Before fixing the straps you have to wash your hands to make sure that there are no any kind of germs present on your hands that could contaminate your N95 respirator during fixation. 

First remove the damaged satraps of N95 masks and dispose of them quickly so that you can maintain a clear environment around you.

Then cut the band according to your head so that it can be adjusted according to your face and cannot be loose whenever you use that.

Try to put both ends of the band together and put in your sewing machine and fix that with a narrow thread.

Fix it in such a way that you can adjust the fixation that you’ve done. At the end do the same thing with a second ban and straps of N95 mask will be repaired.


As N95 masks are the most demanded respirators all over the world, different companies have increased its price. And that’s the reason it’s not affordable to purchase them over and over if it gets damaged by anything. But here are some ways through which straps of N95 masks can be fixed by using a band. By adopting this strategy everyone can save many dollars at the end.

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