How to Know If the KN95 Masks You’re Buying are Legitimate

Face masks, also known as respirators, are subject to tons of regulatory standards around the world. These standards ensure that the masks are high-quality, made from the finest materials and offer your protection from dangerous particles.

During situations like COVID-19 pandemic, the health authorities recommend face masks that meet certain standard like an N95 face mask, for example.

Let’s see what are the different standards worldwide:


  • N95 is a US standard.
  • FFP2 is the standard in the EU.
  • KN95 is the standard in China.
  • P2 standard is used in Australia and New Zealand.
  • D2 is the Japanese standard.


You can expect that the face masks that meet these standards function similarly to one another because the requirements are fairly similar. The difference between these standards is the process of testing the masks.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between an N95 mask and KN95 respirator, you check out our article on the topic right here. Also, if you think whether to use a KN95 or N95 respirator, feel free to read our piece on the topic here.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of confusion regarding the face masks, and we want to clean some of that up today.

We are going to discuss who should use a KN95 face mask why, and how to know if your KN95 mask is legit.

Who Should Use a KN95 respirator?

KN95 face masks are the standard Chinese model for N95 masks. They have similar characteristics. The only difference between them is that the N95 face masks are more breathable.

The KN95 is intended to be used only by the Chinese health authorities as they offer excellent protection for medical practitioners that are close to COVID-19 patients.

Why Should You Use a KN95 face mask?

KN95 face masks are one of the best face coverings you can use because they offer an extra layer of protection. Due to their vigorous standards, the KN95 mask should block at least 95% of all small particles like dust particles or liquid particles.

How to know if your KN95 face mask is legitimate?

Because there are a lot of online sellers that offer low-quality masks, you should know what makes a KN95 face mask legit. There are a couple of ways you can test your mask to see if it offers you the maximum protection.

Here are three of them:


  • Test #1 for a KN95 face mask


For the first test, you’ll need a lighter. Put the KN95 mask on your face, hold the lighter six includes from your mouth and then you activate it.

Try to quash the flame by blowing on it. If the KN95 face mask is legit, you won’t be able to blow out the flame. If the mask is very low quality, you’ll be able to put the flame out.

That’s because KN95 masks are made from strong yet breathable fabric which meets standards for inspiratory resistance. A high-quality mask will comfortably allow comfortable air circulation.


  • Test #2 for a KN95 face mask


For the second test, you’ll need a pack of Sweet and Low. Put the mask on your face, empty the pack on a spoon and then try sniffing with the mask on and then off. If your KN95 mask is legit, you’ll be able to barely catch the fragrance. However, if your mask is low-quality, you’ll be able to smell the Sweet and Low in full force.

That’s because a well-made KN95 face mask filters more than 95% of small particles. If you can still smell the Sweet and Low from your mask, that means that it may be insufficiently filtering the air around you.


  • Test #3 for a KN95 face mask


For the 3rd test, you’ll need water. Start the test by holding your face mask by the elastic bands, having the inside of the mask facing up. Then fill up the mask with water. If your KN95 meets the industry standards, your mask will have no leakage. However, if your mask is poor-quality, water will leak from the mask.

That’s because the official KN95 masks have a waterproof layer to protect you from biological fluids. You should keep in mind that you can wash or reuse your mask as long as it’s not physically damaged.


To summarize, KN95 face masks are essential protective gear for the Chinese health authorities. They are created for doctors, nurses, first responders and other people that are near COVID-19 patients.

However, before you go online and start ordering KN95, you should do your due diligence and learn how to spot fake masks.


If you have a KN95 mask, you can test it in three ways:

  • Using a lighter.


  • Using a pack of Sweet and Low.


  • Using water.


You’ll be able to figure out if your KN95 mask is legit with one of these tests in a matter of minutes. 

If you want to spot a fake KN95 online, you should keep in mind two things:


  • If a KN95 mask has an FDA logo on its box, it’s probably fake because the FDA doesn’t put their logo on a box.
  • Low-quality KN95 face masks have ear loops.


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