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N95 respirators are a special type of face mask used to reduce the risk of inhaling harmful infectious agents like dust, bacteria, and virus. The N95 respirator is designed to be used in health care setups and industrial work where there is a high risk of airborne pollutants. NIOSH approved N95 respirator is in very high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic because of its high filtration quality and long term durability. N95 respirators have 95% filtration efficiency which made this product superior over other face masks. The N95 respirator is also well-known for its usability (easy to wear) and durability (can be worn for 8 hours).

COVID-19 pandemic set off an emergency all over the world and the virus is spreading through the air in the form of respiratory droplets. N95 respirator plays a very important role in preventing coronavirus. Due to its filtration efficiency and good durability N95 respirators have become the first choice product among all health care practitioners. PPE (personal protective equipment) strictly recommends wearing N95 respirator to all health care practitioners during their working hours.

Due to the rapid increase in the N95 respirator market demand, the manufacturing demand for N95 respirators on certain companies also increases. The name of the companies includes 3M, Prestige Ameritech, Honeywell, Ambu, and many others. During this pandemic, a lot of companies have started selling ordinary face masks along with the tag of N95 respirator. This is horrible.

3M Company’s N95 respirator has faced counterfeit cases. Many ordinary and fake respirators have been sold on almost every online store with the name of 3M Company. To save the Company’s reputation 3M Company has taken some remarkable steps. By following those steps any person can be safe from purchasing a fake N95 respirator. To deliver authentic and good quality N95 respirator, 3M Company uploads a list of N95 NIOSH approved respirator at their official website. 

NIOSH approved N95 respirators:

3M Company’s NIOSH approved N95 respirators can be identified from the fake respirators based on the following things:

  1. Fake N95 respirator does not contain any marking on the filtering face respirator while NIOSH approved do have it.
  2. Fake N95 respirator does not have any TC (approval) number on their facepiece while NIOSH approved N95 respirator have it.
  3. Fake N95 respirator also does not contain NIOSH marking.
  4. Fake N95 respirators can also be detectable with wrong NIOSH printed spelling on their facepiece.
  5. Fake N95 respirators also contain some fancy/decorated fabrics while the original N95 respirator does not contain any fancy design/fabric.
  6. Fake N95 respirator also claims to be safe for the children's use whereas NIOSH-approved N95 respirators do not approve such types of claims.
  7. NIOSH approved N95 respirators contain headbands whereas fake N95 respirator contains ear loops.

NIOSH approved respirators have to pass specific testing procedures to be highly effective. Many companies and dealers sell a lot of their counterfeit respirator with NIOSH approved printed on their facepieces. To address the counterfeit issue NIOSH trusted- source is made to identify that the respirator is approved by NIOSH or not.

Verification of N95 respirator by 3M Company:

During the peak time of COVID-19, many companies manufactured cheap and low-quality N95 facepieces and started selling their products with “3M” stamped N95 respirators. This counterfeit act does not only give a bad impression of 3M Company in the market but also very dangerous for the public and health care practitioner’s safety who are paying more to purchase high filtrating N95 respirators. To overcome these acts 3M Company set up a team to investigate fraud. The team worked very well and has seized more than 3.5 billion fake 3M N95 respirators up till now.

There are some ways you can verify the N95 respirator manufactured by 3M Company.


The price of 3M NIOSH approved N95 respirator had not been raised by the company. During the time of shortage in N95 respirators, many fraud companies started selling their fake low-quality cheap facepiece and charge even more than the actual 3M N95 respirator price. 3M Company decided to not raise prices on all respiratory protective devices to give relief during the life-threatening COVID-19 pandemic. Check the price list on the 3M website before making any purchase.


3M Company has strict quality standards. Counterfeit products are most often sold without packaging and N95 respirators may be sold with the labeling of another language or claim to manufacture internationally. If you encounter any 3M respiratory protective devices with the labeling of different languages then kindly visit 3M and FEMA.


3M Company is well-known for its high-quality respiratory devices. 3M Company sells N95 respirator with very high-quality packaging along with counterfeit authentication technology. Fake 3M N95 respirators can be sold with loose/low-quality packaging. The difference between the original 3M manufacturer’s packaging and the counterfeit respirator can be clearly detectable. Verified 3M N95 respirators have proper user’s instructions on their packaging whereas the fake N95 respirator does not contain any instruction.

3M Safe-Guard Process:

3M Company launched its Safe-Guard Process for the convenience of the customers and to deliver high quality, original 3M Company’s N95 respirators. 3M Company basically launched a product authentication process (Safe Guard) to ensure the customer’s maximum protection against harmful infectious agents and to protect their reputation in the market industry.

3M Safeguard process mainly includes three steps:

  1. Find the code.
  2. Enter the code.
  3. Mark the package as validated.

All above-mentioned are widely used to verify the original 3M N95 respirators.

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