Is breathing difficult when wearing a surgical mask?

Surgical mask:

Surgical masks are called medical face masks or face masks. Medical professionals used to utilize it during the operation process. Surgical masks also have the quality to protect against viral infections of influenza as well.

Surgical masks are really small in size. They filtered-out. The right way to wear it is the dark blue side should be outward and white layer side should be inside toward the face. Surgical masks use nonwoven fabric and are made by a melt blowing process. There are debates on the use of surgical masks during the pandemic of COVID-19.

Is breathing difficult when wearing a surgical mask?

If we go out in public, we probably know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing face masks or surgical masks to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. A mask needs to fit snugly over our face and totally cover our mouth and nose to be effective, according to the CDC.

But if we feel like we can't breathe with a tight-fitting mask, it might trigger anxiety or even cause us to remove the mask unsafely and risk transmitting the virus.

The CDC has indicated that people under the age of two, people who are unconscious or disabled, people who are unable to remove their masks physically, and people with breathing problems should not wear masks. We'll be talking about the last category today, as many people struggle for a variety of reasons with breathing problems.

The wording of the CDC concerning this is quite vague. There are several issues that can lead to breathing problems, and problems with breathing can vary from very mild to extreme. This implies that individuals with breathing problems need to decide for themselves whether a mask would be appropriate for them or not.

Common causes of breathing difficulty during wearing surgical masks:

Not everyone wearing surgical masks has a problem breathing. Few specific types of people have difficulty in breathing during wearing surgical masks such as:


Typically, asthma sufferers have triggers that set off attacks and feel difficulty in breathing. Cold and dry air triggers some individuals, which is not a problem when wearing a mask. Masks tend to trap these individuals in warmer, moist air, which will make it easier to breathe.

In fact, some masks are specifically designed to help maintain humidity and warmth and may make life more comfortable for those suffering from this type of asthma. But on the other hand, many asthmatics have the reverse problem; their asthma is set off by warmer, moisture air.

This can make it difficult or even dangerous to wear a mask, which, given the social scorn and restrictions placed on people who do not wear masks in these trying times, is doubly difficult.


Another illness caused by limited airflow due to inflammation is COPD. In addition to temperature and humidity, irritants such as smoke, dust, and chemicals can set off COPD sufferers.

Since shops and other public venues are extra cautious in cleaning and sanitizing their environments, attacks can be set off by residual chemicals in the air.

Anxiety Attacks: 

Anxiety, since it is rarely controllable, can be tricky. A wide range of underlying problems can cause anxiety, and anything from physical stimuli to sudden or repeated sounds can set it off. It can range from slight pain to panic attacks that are full-on.

When you consider breathing issues caused by non-respiratory conditions, things get more complicated. Those that suffer from anxiety attacks, for example, appear to have trouble breathing.

There are also some digestive disorders which, due to the fact that the esophagus and stomach are close to the lungs, may interfere with lung ability. Are these individuals excluded from wearing a mask as well? The CDC does not go into detail, so your own judgment must be used.

Tips on how to wear surgical masks when you have breathing issue:

First, try using a mask made from fabric or material that is more breathable than your regular face mask. Many such masks are made of heavy materials and limit ventilation with filters through narrow openings, making it more difficult to get a high amount of airflow you need.

There are now hundreds of different mask styles out there, from high-quality fabric masks to equipment of near-medical grade, so select one that is breathable, comfortable, and fits best for your situation.

Next, if you have a filter that you can swap with your mask, make sure that you replace it regularly. Filters, instead of letting it flow through the lungs, trap particulate matter in the filter as they do their job.

Unfortunately, as you breathe out, the filters do not let the particle go, so it stays stuck in the filter. That means the filter will clog up over time, and it is capacity to move air will get worse and worse.

A filter’s standard lifetime depends on the content of the filter and operation. A mask used in a dusty setting would need to be changed almost every day (or even more frequently), but it will not need to be replaced almost as often by the normal person wearing a mask to go grocery shopping.

Replace the filter if you notice that you're having difficulty breathing through your mask when you haven't done so before. As described before, for people with respiratory issues other than allergies, any time you leave the house, you do not actually need to wear a mask.

You just need a mask when you're in close proximity to people who aren't with you on a daily basis. For example, you wouldn't need to put a mask on while driving alone or with a roommate to the store until you're actually at the store.

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