Is it possible to purchase a fake N95 mask on eBay?

N95 masks:

N95 masks are the best form of personal protective equipment. N95 masks are used to cover the face so that people can protect themselves from different kinds of harmful particles. This N95 mask filters the microscopic particles that are present in the air and these particles can be dangerous for human health if they inhale them through respiration.

N95 masks have many features but the most important feature is that it can filter about 95% protection against all types of airborne particles. The N95 mask is made up of many protective layers that enhance its efficiency of filtration and make it more unique in its work. It is beneficial to filter many bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and dust particles.

Role of N95 masks during COVID 19:

COVID 19 appeared in the world for the first time in China at the end of 2019. But at that time no one considered it a danger for humanity. It was considered as a simple infection that’s normal in human beings. But after a few months when people started dying of it, then it became a threat to the world. There was a need for something that could control its spread. So, the United States presented the N95 masks that have proved as life-saving equipment for millions of people in the world.

Approval of N95 masks by NIOSH, CDC, and FDA:

There is much public health care organization that works for the safety of human health. They analyze every drug and medical equipment to ensure that medical equipment shouldn't be harmful to human beings. These organizations have approved the N95 mask as the best protective equipment based on its filtration ability. Because it can filter the maximum number of particles.

What Is eBay?

eBay is the world's biggest online website that was created by an American entrepreneur. This website is made to allow its user to sell their products and also to purchase the things that they are searching for. eBay is one of the first companies that started its service in different counties in which people from their respective countries were able to purchase and sell the goods.

Availability of N95 mask on eBay:

eBay is providing a wide service of purchasing and selling the products to the people. It offers various kinds of products that include medical equipment, and N95 mask is one of them. Different models of N95 masks are present on eBay and in this way, it's helping people to purchase eN95 mask products online. In this threatening time of COVID 19, eBay has offered N95 masks on sale. This offer was just to help those people that are not able to purchase N95 masks at higher prices as all other websites are presenting to the world. By providing such services they have helped millions of people from different countries that are at the threat of being infected by COVID 19.

Possibility of fake N95 masks on eBay:

Since COVID 19 has appeared in the world, eBay has been providing high-quality N95 mask products that have helped millions of people in this threatening period. But for a few months, as COVID 19 has been increasing dramatically, many companies have started manufacturing low-quality N95 masks just for getting some profit during this time.

Because of this reason, many sellers have started selling fake N95 masks on different websites and eBay is one of them. By this act of many different people, lit has affected the reputation of this website. Because the people that were purchasing these fake N95 masks to protect themselves have faced many difficulties and also a bad impact on their health. 

The identification of these fake N945 masks is that they have ear loops attacked with them. While, according to many public health care organizations like CDC, NIOSH, and FDA. They have declared that having an ear loop attached with the masks, that's not a feature for real N95 masks. So that's identification for the customer to keep in their mind before purchasing any N95 masks product from eBay. To handle this problem EBay has taken some actions.

Restriction of N95 mask on eBay:

As people were taking advantage of this pandemic by selling the low-quality N95 masks on eBay, it has effaced the reputation of the website in a negative way. So to tackle this problem EBay decided to restrict any kind of medical equipment including N95 masks for selling. This action was taken by the website owners to save the people from purchasing such kinds of low quality N95 masks. 

These N95 masks were affecting the health of many people dramatically. By using Fake N95 masks people were acquiring the COVID 19 because these masks were unable to protect people against any kind of particle.


N95 masks have been demanded personal protective equipment all over the world because it has saved many lives. And eBay is providing this opportunity to the people in many countries to sell and purchase an N95 mask while staying at home. But unfortunately, different companies have tried to take advantage of this COVID 19 by selling fake masks.

And this has negatively affected the reputation of eBay. So, to tackle this problem eBay has banned the sale of N95 masks on it because it was dramatically affecting the health of many peoples.

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