Is it possible to purchase fake N95 masks on Amazon?

N95 masks:

N95 masks are kind of face pieces that are used by people to cover their faces for protection against any kind of harmful airborne particle that can be dangerous for human health if they enter the human body through respiration. N95 masks are approved by many Public health care organizations that work to analyze medical products in order to assure the safety of human beings.

These N95 masks are made up of diffN95 masks and are made up of non-woven synthetic fiber. The mask is made of electrostatic non-woven polypropylene fiber. The fabric can filter 95% viruses and toxic material in the air. The material used in the manufacturing of this mask is so soft and convenient that it does not harm the skin and filter air as well.

The N95 mask has an exhalation valve which makes breathing ease for the wearer during inhalation. N95 can filter very small particles of 3 microns and it does not allow big particles to pass the barrier. The protective layers that make it more productive in its function. These respirators are comfortable to use because their manufacturers have made it with a soft material that can’t cause any kind of irritation on human skin if someone uses it.

The companies making N95 masks:

N95 masks have received a lot of heat in the world before, but their importance has increased even more because of the bundle of people who prefer them to wear during the corona pandemic. It is a reality that these are much important but now in demand increase due to coronaviruses break down.

When we come into regional markets of N95 production, first we see Chinese markets. The biggest market for the production and demand of N95 masks. Daily production of N95 masks and other respirators in Chinese markets is up more than 120 million.

Other Companies who are manufacturing N95 respirators in the world are;

  • 3MHoneywell
  • Kimberly
  • Clark Corporation
  • Ambu
  • BD
  • Prestige Ameritech
  • Louis M. Gerson Company, Inc.
  • Moldex-Metric, Inc.
  • Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Company, Ltd.

Uses of N95 in different fields:

These N95 masks are also used through field health care because in very tough situations people are facing a lot of things that are lacking the same theme as for use only for health care, usually, the rain of favor is forgiven by the people. These masks can be used by common people but most of the countries banned these masks to export due to shortage. These masks are only available for higher government authorities and for healthcare workers. 

The government does not recommend this to the general public. N95 masks have a lot of the greatest qualities to protect people. Surgical masks are recommended for the general public to protect them and keep them away from the transmission of COVID-19.

Is it possible to purchase fake N95 masks on Amazon?

Yes, this is possible to purchase fake N95 masks at Amazon. This journey of fakeness starts after corona. Why American countries are involved in face mass search to stop coronavirus search sold goods are warning against sellers and buyers. Because the worker on Amazon is giving them the fake masks of the lowest quality. They cannot filter the airborne particles well.

These N95 masks are in huge demand. The mastermind people are trying to take advantage of this. They are manufacturing fake N95 masks. These N95 masks are the same in appearance as original N95 masks to make people fool.

But these N95 are very cheaper quality infiltration. These fake N95 masks sealers are sealing it in more than the original price. Therefore, medical experts say that these fake N95 masks cannot stop and filter those huge bacteria, viruses, and flu. Smoke and viral particles and which is not very effective to prevent the spread of disease like the coronavirus.

These N95 makes are sold by millions of seller accounts on for $20 to $25. But usually, each N95 respirator costs about $1.50. Meanwhile, the customers whoever bought them say that they “ripped off,” after receiving in a few days. This is a big issue for people. People are paying more for these masks because they thought these N95 costs more, it means they are impactful. But they are wrong.

Now, 3M is going against these people who are doing this at amazon. 3M filed the lawsuit against that businessman who is doing this. Because this is against them and caused their company to lose. 3M gat ties a commitment with Amazon to deal with these people. These people are defaming Amazon and 3M as well. 

They are damaging and playing with people's lives.

Then many other companies that are manufacturing N95 masks are with Amazon and 3M. Therefore, fake masks are available at amazon. But they all are trying to clear the amazon market from these faker’s games.


So, the thing is that there are fake N95 masks available at Amazon. The answer is yes available. N95 respirators are available at Amazon in fake quality. These fake marketers are huge in number. These fake N95 masks are lower in quality. They do not have the ability to filter and stop the droplets and particles of bacteria and viruses. These people are playing with people just for money. So, definitely fake N95s can be purchased from the Amazon site; however, the strict laws don’t permit this selling.

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