Is the N95 mask disposable or not?

Fifty countries worldwide have passed laws for the compulsory wearing of a disposable face mask. With over 21.2 million people infected by the Covid-19 pandemic, safety should be the top priority. In the US alone, 5.39 million cases have been recorded. To protect your family and kids, the wearing of medical grade disposable N95 respirators and surgical N95 masks should be strictly followed.

With a record of increasing daily infection rate, putting on a full PPE and N95 mask for health professionals has become the new normal. Whether they are in an actual hospital or isolated dental clinic, an N95 mask can mean life and death.

Due to its quality, an N95 mask is more special compared to a cloth mask that you can buy online.  Regulated and tested by the FDA, an N95 mask blocks 95% of virus-carrying droplets. Compared to plastic face shields and N95 respirators, an N95 mask offers guaranteed protection while outside.

Additionally, an N95 mask should be authenticated by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The N95 mask is widely used by doctors and surgeons due to its better fitting and material than ordinary masks. N95 mask companies use nonwoven polypropylene to give it that perfect fit and seal.

But, with all these people using an N95 respirator, will an N95 mask shortage be on the way? Will there be an N95 mask supply deficit? Given the need for an N95 mask in every household around the globe, you might think of reusing your N95 mask to conserve your pile. The experts have some things to say on that matter.

N95 Mask Market Demand

USA Today recently published an article regarding the demand of an N95 mask in the United States of America. With sky-rocketing cases, the need for an N95 mask in hospitals is inevitable. However, a problem can arise if the main N95 mask production from China will slow down.

During this time, USA-based N95 mask companies also began to export $203.1 million worth of N95 masks to other countries.  This series of events led to a plummeting of the N95 mask supply in the country. International imports of the N95 mask decreased by 20% when partner conglomerates began prioritizing their own countries.

However, there is no need to worry since N95 mask companies in the US began to increase their production rate tenfold to meet the demand. One of the best brands of the N95 mask currently sold is the 3M N95 mask. For sale at Clinic Supplies USA online shop, you can procure this brand of N95 mask at a very affordable price.  They also have in stock with them a ten-piece N95 mask box that only costs $37.95.


Protection Provided by N95 Mask

The USA has a lot of N95 mask stocks in-store so people do not have to worry about a shortage. However, the WHO and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention advise citizens to reserve the N95 mask for health professionals because they need it more. The elderly and sickly are also advised to wear an N95 mask instead of a normal disposable face mask.

In comparison to the surgical mask, the N95 mask blocks the virus from getting in and getting out of the mask. This way, patients do not transmit the disease and doctors do not catch it. Surgical masks do the same thing but at a lower rate. When going out wearing surgical masks, it is better to pair it with a face shield and some gloves.

Currently, the WHO predicts that the world will need at least 89 million N95 masks in reserve to fight this pandemic. In solidarity with the health professionals, if you are not a senior citizen or you are not experiencing complications, it is best to set your N95 mask aside. You can still have your N95 mask if you really want to, but you can conserve the supplies by reusing them.


Sanitizing a Used N95 Mask

If your N95 mask supply is starting to dwindle, there are ways to sanitize them. Based on the guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention you can clean your N95 mask in many ways. You can store your used N95 mask in a sealed bag or zip lock bag for five to seven days. Given that time, the virus has already weakened and you can spray in some disinfectant to finish it off.

You can also place the N95 mask inside an autoclave or UV ray machine for an hour. This process uses radiations and heat to kill off the virus. However, the CDC does not recommend a store-bought UV ray machine. The N95 mask has to be cleaned up in a trusted health facility. Placing the used N95 mask in an oven at 70°C heat for thirty minutes can also sterilize.

Putting on an N95 mask is very vital in daily life during this pandemic. Health experts say that among all the other practices, it proves to give the highest protection rate. However, it needs to partner with other healthy habits. Wearing an N95 mask should be accompanied by washing your hands regularly, maintaining social distancing, putting on a face shield, and taking a shower after being outside.

Reusing your N95 mask is generally discouraged for health professionals. Since they are exposed to the virus more, they should dispose of the N95 mask after a single-use. But, for someone who is currently under quarantine, the N95 mask decontamination process is suggested.

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