Is there a shortage of surgical masks?

Surgical masks:

Surgical masks are simple cloth pieces that are used by medical professionals to stay protected from all kinds of harmful particles present in the air. These surgical masks are made up of high-quality material that makes these surgical masks more effective infiltration. A surgical mask is mostly used by the people that have to face many patients suffering from different diseases. Most medical professionals use this surgical mask to stay away from being in contact with harmful particles like viruses or bacteria.

These masks are specially made up of good quality material that can filter maximum hazardous particles and oil droplets present in the air. Surgical masks can filter different particles like viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, and dust particles. 

 Importance of Surgical masks in this pandemic:

COVID 19 has proved as one of the most threatening diseases that has occurred in the last few years. Because it has affected different countries at a destructive level. Millions of people have left their jobs and their social life has disturbed. Different countries have tried their best to control this threatening COVID 19 but it was not a simple task to be handled by professionals. But, hen United States manufactured surgical masks for the people it has decreased the rate of destruction caused by the Coronavirus.

Manufacturers of Surgical masks:

Many factors have made it compulsory to manufacture surgical masks in this pandemic. And the most important fact is to control the Coronavirus from being spread from one person to another. For this reason, different manufacturers have started producing surgical masks on a larger scale so that they can control COVID before being more threatening for the people.

These companies have played an important role in producing high-quality surgical masks that can be helpful for medical professionals in this pandemic. And this step is really important to be taken for better control in this dangerous time, in which most people are at the threat to get infected by COVI 19. But even after this huge production of this mask by different companies, there is a shortage of surgical masks. 

 Is there a shortage of surgical masks?

In this pandemic, as many companies have started working on the manufacture of surgical masks, there is a possibility that the stocked surgical masks would be enough for now. But according to a survey that was specially held to know that if the preset number of the surgical mask is enough for the control of COVID 19 or not. So the public healthcare organizations have declared that the present numbers of surgical masks are not enough for the present situation. 

Still, there is a severe need for the production of the surgical mask on a massive scale, so that the rate of patient affected by COVID 19 can be managed. But here is a specific reason behind this shortage of surgical masks in the United States and also in other countries.

The reason behind the shortage of surgical masks:

 According to a survey held by the public healthcare organization to find the number of surgical masks in this country, there is a shortage of surgical masks. And they have mentioned many reasons that are causing this shortage in these surgical masks. But there was a major reason that is playing a maximum role in the shortage of these protective masks. And that reason is the excessive use of surgical masks by people. This is the main reason behind this dramatic shortage of surgical masks.

 As the COVID 19 affected more and more people and caused more damage to their lives, people have started using surgical masks in excess. And it's a famous saying that excess of everything is bad, so in the same way, this excess use of surgical masks has to lead to their shortage. But this shortage of the surgical mask is not a good sign for upcoming days. Because many professionals have declared that this COVID 19 would be more dangerous if it could not be controlled earlier.

Another fact about the shortage is that people that are not even working in a medical instates, are sing these surgical masks. But these masks were specially designed for people that are medical professionals. Because these professionals are at greater risk to be affected by the Coronavirus as compared to other people living at the same place. Because they have to deal with different people, suffering from many dangerous diseases, in hospitals or other medical institutes. 

Surgical masks are mostly used during surgery because these masks can give maximum protection against the Corona virus. Anno another mask can give such protection that these masks can prove in this pandemic. That 'why the shortage of surgical masks is really important to be noticed, and there is a need to manage the production of surgical masks in this threatening time. 


These surgical masks are the most demanded personal protective equipment for protection in this pandemic.  But its excessive use by people has created a threat of a shortage of these surgical masks to a dangerous level. This shortage can cause a serious issue for the people that need these masks for getting protection from this pandemic. Because to control COVID 19 it's important to have a surgical mask in excess amount, otherwise, it would be hazardous for people.

But unfortunately, people are not taking care of the use of these masks, and this careless behavior of the public toward surgical masks can create a threat for them too.

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