Masks have been a necessity in households due to the protection it provides. They have been a staple in households along with alcohol and other materials that offer protection against the virus. An example of this is the most trusted N95 mask. Aside from being the most trusted mask, it is also the most in-demand mask. Prior to the pandemic, over a thousand pieces of the N95 mask are used every day. With the pandemic, thousands became millions.

The N95 mask is a popular mask in the fields of Medicine, Construction, Engineering, and Mining. This is due to the protection it provides. The N95 mask can filter up to 95% percent of free-floating aerosol particles like smoke, dust, dirt, fumes, volatile gases, and strains of bacteria and viruses. The N95 mask is approved by both the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These authorities are responsible for the regulation and the approval of the N95 mask.

Prior to public distribution, masks like the N95 mask undergo a series of tests to certify its quality and protection. Once the mask fails, it is not good for distribution.

Despite the protection it provides, the N95 mask has a lot of models. These models are specific to their use. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the specificities of the mask that you are buying. Also, you have to consider your own needs and convenience.

Ways to compare different N95 mask models

Comparing N95 mask models is effective for you to come up with the right mask. With the right N95 mask, you can be sure about the comfort and the convenience it can provide you.

  • Affordability

All models of the N95 mask are priced differently. This is based on the protection the N95 mask can provide as well as its use. Commonly, the unvalved N95 mask is more affordable than the valved N95 mask. This is because the valve in the valved N95 mask adds cost to production; including the materials used to make the valve. But if the mask is beyond the usual price, call the authorities to apprehend price gougers.

  • Comfort

There are models of the N95 mask that are comfortable and there are others that are not. Always consider comfort because you will be wearing the N95 mask either on a full day or on occasions that you needed to wear it. Some models of the N95 mask can induce ache around the area of the nose if worn for longer hours.

  •  Valved or Unvavled

The N95 mask has two types; the valved N95 mask and the unvalved N95 mask. The question lies as to which type you are going to use. The unvalved N95 mask is used by people working in the medical field. This is because the valved N95 mask can disrupt sterility in a sterilized environment inside the hospital. The valve does not filter the air that is exhaled. Only inhaled air is filtered. That is why wearing an unvalved N95 mask while in public is also advisable.

  • Usage

As earlier stated, models of the N95 mask are created for a specific purpose. Therefore, you must not use a specific N95 mask just because you feel like it or you like the color. If you are dealing with dust, smoke, or any volatile gas, you can use the valved N95 mask. The valve is created to filter dust, smoke, volatile gas, and other aerosols. The valved N95 mask is also good if you have difficulty in breathing but you want to keep yourself protected. If you are going to a public place or working in a sanitized environment, the un-valved N95 mask is for you.

  • Inhalation Resistance

Inhalation resistance refers to how strong the mask is in inhaling. It is already given that the N95 mask is proven to have 343 pa inhalation resistance. However, this one is applied to other variants of the N95 mask. The N95 mask that people are using is the US counterpart. There are other counterparts of the N95 mask which are the FFP2 from the European Union, KN95 from China, P2 from Australia and New Zealand, DS2 from Japan, and Korea’s 1st Class.

  • Surgical or Standard

The Surgical N95 mask may be quite similar to the standard N95 mask. But they do have differences. The surgical N95 mask like the 1860 and 1870+ models is both NIOSH and FDA Approved. Meaning, the mask is fully functional. It can filter aerosols like dust and strains of microorganisms. Also, the surgical N95 mask is fluid-resistant. The standard N95 mask like the 8210 model is not fluid-resistant and is not FDA approved to be a surgical mask. The standard N95 mask is the one ideal to be worn outside the house.

These following criteria will guarantee you the appropriate mask that you should wear. This is also helpful in familiarizing the masks that you should not wear.

However, there is an on-going scarcity of the N95 mask. This is due to the overwhelming demand for the mask and the issues of looting and panic buying. That is why the public is advised to use other alternatives to the N95 mask. These alternatives include the surgical mask, cloth mask, and the KN95 mask. They are also proven to provide the protection that you need. Leaving the N95 mask to the people working in the medical industry will be a great help for them to be protected.

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