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Reputable companies that used to trade in the healthcare and protective equipment have played their respective roles to serve the country and people with adequate supply on various healthcare products in this crisis. Some made notable contributions in handling the shortage of PPE kits during this period. We have mentioned many names before, so it will be unjustified if we don’t mention Lowe’s. In the United States, this company has also offered various anti-viral masks, including N95, to protect their families and kids. Here, in this blog, let’s look at the Lowe’s and the available masks in their stores.

Lowe's Businesses, Inc., trading as Lowe's, is a US-based retail corporation focusing on home essentials and improvements. The company has its headquarter in Mooresville, North Carolina, and it operates a retail chain in the United States and Canada. Lowe's operates in home essentials and hardware in North America mostly.

Lowe's is the second-largest retail store behind The Home Depot in the United States. It is also known as the world's second-largest hardware store, behind The Home Depot but leaving the other positions for European retailers B&Q, Leroy Merlin, and OBI.

Lowe’s sells various types of masks at a reasonable price. However, if you are only searching for N95 masks, you have to keep something in mind. Many masks are designed for conditions where the danger is greater than others. But it's important to note that a mask alone won't provide COVID-19 security. In addition to masks, other PPE kits are required to protect the wearer and simple practices such as hand washing,  improving immunity, not touching the face, and maintaining social distance. This is also critical for healthcare workers and other frontline workers to reserve the safest masks and spend extended periods in the highest risk areas.

N95 respirators, which are the most popular respirator, is available at Lowe’s. It can filter out 95 percent of small particles, and so, these are designed for highest-risk conditions, such as surgery or other circumstances in which sprays and virus-borne aerosols are widely released. Consequently, N95s provide the best defense against disease, as they prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the wearer. These masks fully cover the area around the face when properly fitted, but they also make more effort to breathe. These also include the use of regular preparation and fit testing to ensure the wearer continues to use them safely. Untrained users may face difficulty making the mask fit their faces properly, or may break the seal by wrongly changing it. N95 or P100 filters are recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for first responders potentially coping with the disease.

Surgical masks are intended for medical emergencies at lower risk and are designed to avoid the wearer's spread of germs. This type of mask is also available at Lowe’s store. Due to their loose fit to the face, the matter can slip around the edges of the mask and still penetrate the nose and mouth, so they don't provide the same degree of protection as an N95. Therefore, the filtering pores within the mask are not small enough to protect viruses. Such masks do protect against spray, huge droplets, and splashes, however, and they prevent the germs of the wearer from spreading to others.

Cotton masks, ideal for lower-risk conditions outside of medical facilities, are recommended for consumer use by the C.D.C. These masks do not have enough fine weave to flush out viruses but can avoid spray spread from cough or sneezing. Consumers are advised to wear these masks when staying six feet apart, like grocery stores, in areas where it's complicated. This is necessary to frequently washcloth masks in a washing machine or even instant pot, however, because the moisture from a person's breath will grow germs in the cloth over time. It’s also important to try to fit the mask as much as possible to the face without significant gaps. You can also find these types of masks at Lowe’s stores. These are meant for the public who are not the frontline workers.

Specific masks like painters or dust masks are intended to prevent larger particles from reaching the nose and mouth than viruses. They do not have the same degree of safety as a medical respirator with N95. Unlike fabric masks, however, they can help prevent spray and droplets from touching potentially contaminated people.

It should be noted that both masks and respirators have different shelf life depending on the environment and climate in which they are stored, so ensuring that the masks are stored correctly and in good condition is essential. Since respirators come in different sizes, it's also essential to make sure you have enough of them in each size, as breathers of the wrong size can't establish a proper seal, thereby risking users. Lowe’s commits to trade in the authentic masks approved by the CDC and NIOSH. They rejected all N95 masks with exhalation valves as the same is banned in the United States. Like the other sellers, Lowe’s also played its part in controlling the ratio of supply and demand by restricting the purchase of N95 masks in bulk. With the stabilizing of the market, it started its transactions usually. Lowe’s, as a well-known seller, is a trustworthy option for people to get PPE kits, masks, and other healthcare supplies.

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