N95 mask models you should know about

The coronavirus has made the US one of the most vulnerable. This pandemic has taught a lot of things about N95 masks, and all other things relating to personal protective equipment. If you are curious about the N95 mask and the different models about it, you should read this article. 

The Different N95 Mask Models

Not all N95 masks are made alike. There are also different models that 3M produces. 3M is an American manufacturing company based on Minnesota. Formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, 3M products produced in the US are known for their quality. All 3M N95 mask models, even the N95 masks in Amazon, have passed the necessary NIOSH certification and other information.


The N95-8210 is the most common N95 mask model you can find in the market. It is also considered as the most popular one. 

The N95-8210 has the following characteristics:

  • It can filter at least 95% of solid or liquid particles. This is highly needed as the respiratory particles of the coronavirus stays in the air. 
  • It has a diameter of around 0.3 microns or more.
  • The elastic band is durable and comes with a welded connection. 
  • Users will see that this model has a foam nose pad design for user comfort.
  • The model uses an advanced electrostatic media technology reduced breathing resistance. This makes the users breathe more smoothly. 

In comparison with other models, there is a more economical version of the equivalent N95-8200. This model is more comfortable to wear. In comparison to the N95-8110, it is also more suitable for small face people.


The N95-8210V is one of the most common N95 masks in Amazon that comes with a valve that makes breathing easier. The breathing valve is more suitable for circumstances where you are not able to remove the mask for a long period of time. 

The Breathing Valve Problem

This N95 respirator comes with a 3M Cool Flow breathing valve. This makes it more comfortable for users especially when the user is working in a humid environment. However, there are a handful of issues that come with an N95 respirator that does not make it a good choice against the coronavirus.

While this N95 mask in Amazon, is also popular and comes with almost the same level of protection as the main N95 respirator model, there is a stark difference.

The one-way breathing valve defeats the purpose of protection the N95 mask aims to provide. 

It is a common understanding that individuals are expected to wear masks not only so that they can protect themselves from the environment but also so that they can protect the environment from themselves.

With this N95 mask model, the breathing valve allows for unfiltered air to flow out and may contaminate the environment.  It means that individuals must not use it if they are feeling sick and may spread the virus.


The most popular N95 mask that also comes with a breathing valve is the N95-8511 model.  It can be used for long wearing. It comes with a knotted headband and an M-shaped nose clip for comfort. It also has an extra layer for additional comfort.

N95-9210+ / 9211+

Another N95 mask in Amazon is the N95-9210+ / 9211+. The N95-9210+ / 9211+ is also known as part of the Aura series. This model of N95 respirators uses a folding three-dimensional structural design. If you wear glasses, this N95 mask in Amazon model reduces the problem of fogging on the glasses. The chin design is more convenient as well. It adjusts based on positioning. If you consider yourself valve specific, you should have the 9210+ N95 mask that does not have a breathing valve. It is the N95 mask 9211+ version that has a breathing valve.

N95-9105 / 9105S

A version that works as the most economical version of the N95 mask is the N95-9105 / 9105S and it is part of the VFlex series. The V shape fold design makes it easier to use and breathe in the mask. Individuals who want to use this version are often those exposed to metal casting and welding. 

Other N95 Mask Models

The following are also considered as the good N95 mask models that are available in the market today: 

  • N95-8212 - this N95 mask model is good for those who want an M-shaped nose. It is easier to use and reduces breathing resistance in the user. It comes with a veneer cushion design that is closer to the face to improve comfort.
  • N95-8214 - this N95 respirator has an extra added activated carbon adsorption layer. It is good for those who want to filter against the ozone problems and any harmful organic vapor that the user may get exposed to.
  • N95-8515 - this N95 mask is the economical welded version of the N95 mask and is based on a braided head design. 


Whatever model of the N95 mask you may choose, it is clear that you need protection against the virus. N95 masks are the gold standard in mask protection that the world demands. While 3M tries to make sure that they will provide the world supply that is needed, we should make sure that we do our part in the fight. N95 masks will always provide good virus protection that is needed by every person. Get yours and stay protected.

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