N95 Masks Should Be Required In All Schools

For the longest time, debate has been going on on whether or not it is important to open schools or to just allow online learning. The debate, however, after how intense did not come to an end. Even now, when some schools have already opened up their face-to-face learning there is still some debate on whether or not it should continue.

Are we not considering the importance and safety for children? Is it not necessary for them to stay at home so that we can protect them against the virus? How are we children protecting themselves when they are out or studying in school? In this article, let us discuss the importance of requiring N95 Masks at schools for the protection of the children. 

The Importance Of N95 Masks

The recent CDC announcement is simple: the coronavirus is airborne. This is really just the information that you need to know how and why N95 Masks are very important to be required in schools. With that, the following are the important reasons why N95 Masks should be required at schools:

  • If you have a child, you know that you cannot control your every move in school especially since you cannot protect them. However, through the use of an N95 mask, you can at least protect your child from the virus even if you are far away from each other.
  • The children cannot protect themselves from each other. You cannot control another child. With that, you cannot control whether a child would sneeze or cough in the vicinity of your child. In order to at least have a sense of control over all of the children, requiring them to wear an N95 Masks is important.
  • You are sure that the children are protected from the faculty. At the very least, you do not know about the circumstances of the schools faculty. You do not know who your school's faculty talks to or who they live with or where they're from. With that you actually need to protect your child even from the faculty because of this reason. Through the use of an  N95 Masks, when you require the faculty to wear one, you allow yourself to feel at ease knowing that your child is at least protected and the protocols are followed by the school faculty.

The Risk Is Already Taken, Protect Your Child

At the end of the day, it is your decision as a parent to send your child back to school. Once there, you no longer have control over what he does or who he talks to. With that, there are a few safety protocols that you should follow to protect your child from the virus. The following are the protocols:

  • Have N95 Masks Ready. The point of this article is to tell you that wearing N95 Masks is important for your child protection. Hence in order to protect your child you should always have N95 Masks ready in stock and always have a few extras not just for the child but maybe for other children that he comes in contact with.
  • Discuss Protocol With Other Parents. The fight against the coronavirus but a community fight. It is therefore Porten that you discuss the matter with other parents and make sure that they are also on the same page in terms of protecting your child. If there are parents that do not agree with your approach or their parents that do not want their children to wear N95 Masks, you may have to consider transferring your child to an online learning school or to homeschool your child.
  • Teach Your Child About The Virus. Children are very smart. If you want to protect your child from the virus, your child has to know what the virus is all about and how we can protect himself from it. While the classes are still not coming, beat your child about the ways that you can protect yourself from the right ways that he can protect himself from the virus.
  • Always Keep Your N95 Masks In Stock. The best protection. It is your duty to protect your child and make sure he has all the supplies that he would need to fight against the virus. When you keep your own supply of N95 Masks, you are at least giving your child a fighting chance against the virus. 

Whatever your decision baby, whether you decide to allow your child to go back to school or do some online learning, it is important that you keep them protected. As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect your child by purchasing your N95 Masks needs from a reliable seller and always keep yourself updated with everything that you should know about the virus.

N95 Masks Are Your Best Friends

In the final analysis, the truth is that N95 Masks are your child's best friend. It is also your best friend. When you have a supply of N95 Masks ready, you are sure that they are fighting the virus even if they are away from you. You may not have any control over your child's education about other subjects but your child's education concerning the virus is definitely under your control. With that, make sure that you have bulk N95 Masks ready because other parents will also be looking at how they can protect their child from the virus that is crippling the whole world.

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