Recent donations of surgical masks

The coronavirus outbreak is now considered to be among the most dangerous of outbreaks to have emerged on the surface of this earth. In addition, the worldwide death toll has now reached a staggering number of over 1.18 million and the number of active cases that had previously subsided are now again rising and currently stand at 45 million according to “Worldometers”.  And perhaps the factor that made this disease look so scary in the eyes of people was not how fatal it was but rather its ability to transmit to people by just a touch or even a single droplet.

The virus had transmitted the world into a state of chaos and haste leaving the officials clueless over how to proceed with this imminent disaster looming over everyone’s heads. However, if there’s one thing that came out of this pandemic was that it taught people the importance of humans and humanity. Surprisingly, while maintaining social distancing people grew close to each other and understood the value of being a good Samaritan. Following in these footsteps of spreading kindness humanity was also some of the major brands of the USA and other countries. 

These brands understood the value of “giving back” in the right sense and during these difficult and unprecedented times, they came forward to alleviate the sufferings of everyone by playing their part competently. These companies made their contribution to the society by either donating surgical masks, by offering surgical masks at lower prices or by donating a portion of their sales income to healthcare. These companies have proved that when people come together for a good cause, it can make a huge difference. Surely, their contribution of surgical masks didn’t end the pandemic but it indeed made a huge difference in all our lives.

The name of all these companies are listed as below.

Apple Inc.

The very top mention of this list is the American multinational technological company “Apple” that is considered to be among the top companies of the world dealing in electronic consumer goods. The reason this company has bagged the top spot is due to the multinational’s contribution in ensuring the availability of surgical masks for healthcare workers in the United States and for those regions of Europe that were the most affected. The donation of these surgical masks in such bulk quantities surely meant a great to all associated with the medical sector and moreover, conjured immense appreciation for the company’s CEO Tim Cook in everyone’s heart.


This flagship brand of the world-renowned Volkswagen group also joined other companies in this mission of giving back to the society. However, their contribution method was a tad bit different because like Apple, they didn’t donate surgical masks to healthcare workers, instead the company gave preference to medical equipment such as ventilators which are just as important as surgical masks. The surgical mask and ventilators are the two commodities that were crucial to battle out this infectious disease and this contribution is a notable one because of that.

Madewell and J. Crew

This denim company by the name of Madewell which is a part of the J. Crew group donated 75,000 disposable surgical masks to Montefiore Medical Center that is located in the state of New York. Although this contribution didn’t encompass a large number like the previous ones, because there was a time people were dying to grab hold of even a single piece of mask, 75k was a good enough number.

Google, LLC

This California-based biggest technological company of the world made a major donation that helped in the mitigation of this deadly disease. Google didn’t just prioritize surgical masks, their contribution was kind of a whole package deal since they also donated a huge sum of money to organizations like WHO and other government agencies. In addition, they also joined hands with Magid Glove & Safety to produce surgical masks in bulk quantity to help.

Gap Inc.

This world-renowned retailer of apparel and accessories that is based in America is another mentionable name on the list that is playing their part in making surgical masks and other sort of masks available for people in the States. They have also joined hands with some Non-profit organizations to further promote this mission and have proven where their loyalty lies as a brand, and that is with their own community which surely makes them more trustworthy as a brand too.


When businesses and community both dedicate their existence to a common cause, major accomplishments can occur. In this particular case, when major companies of the world realized the importance of community service and dedicated themselves towards it we saw quite a huge difference. It didn’t end the pandemic; it didn’t save the lives of the ones that weren't meant to stay any longer but it gives birth to a ray of hope among the people.

Since surgical masks and medical equipment were the two most important weapons needed in the fight against this disease, we have observed that these two things were also the focal point of all these companies as well. Surgical masks, especially, were donated by a large number of companies and the ones we have chosen to mention in the article are just a few major ones.


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