Recent examples of fraud in PPE distribution

Coronavirus has caused chaos in the entire world. People are limited to their houses. People cannot meet their loved ones. Many people were stuck in foreign countries. People were trying to meet their friends and relatives. 

The situation was worsened because many people ignored prevention. This led to the whole world to an era of diseases for straight three months. People were avoiding testing. Many stated that there is nothing such as corona. These type of mindsets we’re causing the disease to spread.

The Government was trying its best to promote prevention. People were constructed to practice social distancing. The instruction to wear masks was similarly dismissed by the public. People were a bit scared but they were in favor of gatherings. Many Governments started to arrest people and fines were being charged. 

These decisions were taken when the situation was out of their hands. The diseases have spread. The world was left onstage. People were losing their lives. People were getting sick and within a few days, their death was being reported. The condition of the world was depressing. 

The situation of the United States of America:

China was the most affected country by the virus but soon the United States of America had led top on the list of most affected countries. The death toll of the United States was also the greatest in the world. This also gave birth to the immense use of personal protective equipment and supplies. The public started to use N95 respirators and other personal protective equipment in bulk. 

People were feeling secure only when they were fully covered. The retail stores were selling personal protective effects and N95 respirators to command men for their profit. The Doctors were vulnerable to the diseases. The public started to use supplies that were needed by the doctors. 

These antiviral protectors were available easily in any store. This was because of the law of the United States. The law states that the marketers have complete right over what they want to buy or sell. All were at their will. The free-market healthcare system led to a shortage of personal protective equipment and N95 respirators. 

The situation cane to the point where the United States had to take help from China. China started to provide N95 respirators to the doctors and locals of the United States of America. The government has ordered NIOSH and FDA to carefully examine their products and let them enter the United State if they are up to their standard.

Few of the Chinese products were rejected but most of them were approved by NIOSH. Later, NIOSH canceled their approval. The Chinese N95 respirators were available in millions to every country including their sworn enemies. This showed the nice side of China.

Frauds in the distribution of PPEs:

Many healthcare services blew off in the United States. Each one of them promised quality and protection. People were a little confused but they had no choice. They were scared enough to use anything that promises safety. Some of these products were genuine whereas few were counterfeit. Many examples are available related to personal protective equipment and fraud.

Amazon and counterfeit N95 respirators:

Amazon is the world’s leading retailer site. Millions of marketers are selling their products over Amazon. Each one of them promises quality by their reviews. Many reviews are being bought in Amazon. These fake reviews are used to change the buyer's mind about the product. People tend to buy things that have more positive reviews. 

When reviews are bought, sales are boosted. Many retailers are using this method. Recently, many retailers set up a new site for fraud. As the entire world is suffering from coronavirus, it is the best time for fraud. People are scared and are hunting for personal protective equipment. These N95 respirators and personal protective equipment are the most sold items lately.

New sites on Amazon started to post ads related to N95 respirators. Stating their availability and quality. Some stated NIOSH approved and 3M.manufactured. None of the promises was based on truth.

People started to buy counterfeit N95 respirators and other personal protective equipment after watching positive reviews. These fake reviews diverted buyer minds. After payment, the products were never delivered. If, some were delivered quality was bad. People started to complain about 3M for producing low-quality N95 respirators. 3M later found out the reason and filed a case against Amazon. 

Now, Amazon has no N95 respirator available for sale that is manufactured by 3M. This was the greatest fraudulent product case in the history of Amazon. Amazon is working hard to identify those retailers and question them.

Distributive agencies:

Many small personal protective equipment and N95 respirator distribution agencies were formed in the time of corona. People were receiving N95 respirators and personal protective equipment at their doorsteps in spite of the huge shortage. People were a bit frightened but also wanted safety against the disease. 

Many of these distribution agencies were later arrested for selling counterfeit and fraudulent N95 respirators to people. These low-quality N95 respirators and other personal protective equipment were highly dangerous and can cause diseases itself.

 Steps were taken:

Strict actions were taken against imposters and people who were selling fake products by the name of big companies. Many of them were also caught red-handed by the cops. These actions satisfied the public and also saved them from catching diseases.

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