Schools and N95 masks

During the pandemic of coronavirus, people have started to stay at their houses and are avoiding making any physical contact with any person from outside. The fear of catching the disease was trembling in the hearts of parents as they were worried about their children.

The most mentally affected people were the parents. They were worried about their children as well as they had to look after their old parents. These two generations, the old one and the children are the most vulnerable to disease. Their immune system is much weaker than the young immune system. 

Young and healthy people have more than seventy percent chance to overcome the disease whereas the children and old people were very close to death. The Governments were also concerned about the health of citizens. They had enforced lockdowns and contactless deliveries of goods.

Steps taken for prevention and impacts:

Many measures were taken to prevent the spread of the disease in China, where it all started. The Government was unable to control and from Wuhan, the disease started to spread. Within a month coronavirus was able to reach every corner of the world. This news broke the hearts of many people that had upcoming events and vacations. 

The Government of the United States seized flights from many countries where the situations were extremely sick. Despite all the preventive measures, the disease started to overtake the United States of America. 

Schools were closed for more than seven months. At the start, people were doing nothing and were stuck at their own houses. So one, schools, offices, and colleges started inline classes. These classes were very effective as people were losing their minds while sitting at their houses in strict quarantine. This situation got even worsened the rate of suicides started to increase across the country.

The situations were getting difficult with each passing day. People were self-isolated and had nothing to do. The fear of disease was everywhere. People wanted to escape the trauma of coronavirus. They were mentally disturbed by news and fear. 

Many people lost hope and their jobs. The situation of the United States was depressing as they were running out if N95 respirators and other personal protective equipment. People started to stock medicine and personal protective equipment for later usage. Everyone was fearing a time where there will be nothing to eat.

These thoughts were taking place in the United States which is considered the most developed country in the world. 

Prevention recommended:

Doctors and other officials related to the health field were appealing to the locals to follow preventive methods. These preventive methods are the ones that are normally used during every pandemic. 

Airborne particles are the only thing we need to be scared of. We cannot service serve to breathe. The method to prevent harmful airborne particles from entering the most is to wear face masks. 

Doctors recommended people to use any face masks they have but N95 respirators were superior among them. 3M’s CEO has stated that N95 respirators are only to be distributed among doctors but retail stores were selling N95 respirators to locals.

Another preventive measure was to use sanitizers every time you touch anything while outside. Washing hands are also encouraged by soap and water are not available everywhere. People are instructed to keep pocket-sized sanitizers with them wherever they go. This preventive measure can also protect one from catching the virus.

The third preventive measure is to disinfect yourself before entering your house. This is to make sure that you are not letting any coronavirus germ enter your house with you. Hands and feet should be disinfected. Clothes should be immediately washed.

By following these steps, you can protect yourself from the virus. Protection is not only important for you but is also important for your friends and family.

Reopening of Schools:

Thankfully coronavirus is about to leave the Earth. Many people have recovered from the virus but on the sad side, many people have lost their lives during the pandemic. The pandemic of coronavirus is not very fierce now. The situations are easing. 

The government of the United States has uplifted the lockdown, restaurants have reopened. Schools, colleges, and offices have started physical attendance. But coronavirus has not ended yet. We need to follow prevention or else coronavirus might come back.

The Government has ordered to practice social distancing everywhere you go. N95 respirators are now available for public use and the Government has stated that all the workers and students should use N95 respirators. 

Many schools have reopened following strict orders of the Government. People are practicing social distancing and are washing their hands frequently. These steps are needed to follow everywhere. No student is allowed to enter the institute if he or she has any type of symptoms for the virus. These are the main steps taken to resist corona 

Many districts have requested the Government to supply free N95 respirators to school staff. Many schools are working on it. The state of New York was successfully able to supply two washable respirators to their schooling staff. 

Coronavirus can be prevented only if the Administrations and Governments work together. Government has to financially support staff and provide personal protective equipment including N95 respirators. The United States of America has enough sources that it can provide N95 respirators to every schooling staff in the country.

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