Shop With N95: Why You Should Be Wearing An N95 Respirator When You Shop (Or Work) At A Retail Store

With the world economy as it is, people and companies need to start stimulating it. After days or weeks of lockdown, countries need to start slowly reopening their economies if they want to salvage it. For starters, retail centers and malls are now open.

If you are a big retail shopper, you still need to wear precautions in order to protect yourself. One of the most commonly debated questions is the wearing of the N95 respirators. 

N95 respirators or N95 masks are considered as the gold standard when it comes to masks. They are form-fitting and are meant to fit the wearer. With 95% filtration, the N95 respirator has been proven effective in countering small respiratory droplets in the air. However, no matter how serious the virus is and how often people are reminded of it, there are still some people who question it.

With that, this article aims to provide you the answer to the question: why should you be wearing an N95 respirator when you go to the mall or when you work in retail?

You are protecting yourself. 

If there is a person who should  protect you, it is you. Wearing an N95 mask or having your family and kids wear one is your way of protecting them. In the United States alone, there are millions of cases that are continuously increasing. If you must go out, do errands, or buy at any retail store, wearing an N95 respirator protects you from the respiratory droplets. 

If you work at retail, wearing an N95 mask ensures that you protect yourself intensely. Given the foot traffic and the number of people that you have to deal with on a daily basis, it is necessary for you to always know that you are protected. 

Through the use of an N95 respirator, the user will have the best possible protection. 

It gives people a sense of security. 

When you wear a mask in public, you are not only protecting yourself but also giving people a sense of peace and security. There are a lot of individuals who would not enter a shop where they do not feel welcome or secured. When you wear an N95 respirator, you allow people to trust you and have a sense that they can also trust your store. 

Some people acknowledge the fact that an N95 respirator might give the user a sense of false security as he may feel too protected from the virus. However, scientifically speaking N95 respirators do provide and promote protection and there is nothing false with that. Through the use of an N95 respirator, those who work in retail or those who go to shopping malls are able to protect themselves. After all, we have no way of knowing if the person in front of us is just asymptomatic. 

You are protecting the people around you. 

Of course, there is also no way of telling that you have the virus if you are asymptomatic. This means that your N95 respirator is not just there to protect you or your kids but also to protect your environment. The NIOSH standard for the N95 respirator is not just focused on not getting respirator particles in but also on keeping those respiratory particles in. 

Given the current incubation period of the virus, it is not impossible for you or for anyone to end up having the virus and spreading it with you knowing. So, if you want to do your part in the fight against the virus, you should use an N95 respirator and make sure that you stick to it. You would not want to be that person who causes the death or disability of others. 

You are doing your part in the fight. 

Whether you are working at a retail store or you like going shopping, having an N95 respirator is important because it acts as your share in the fight against the coronavirus. Given that there are millions of individuals who are inflicted with the virus already, you do not know which ones already carry the strain or not. You may also be a carrier but have no idea that you are. Through the use of an N95 respirator, you allow yourself to play a part in the fight. 

An N95 Respirator Offer High-end Protection

There are a lot of individuals who want to know what an N95 mask is all about. While you may view the NIOSH standards and the certifications that a manufacturer have to pass in order to comply with the requirements, you only need to know a couple of things, such as:

  • The N95 Mask is the best mask you can use for your protection. Medical and healthcare workers use N95 masks because they provide the right level of protection. 
  • An N95 respirator should always fit your needs. The most important thing that you should know about an N95 mask is that it is meant to fit the user. This kind of fit requirement is what differentiates it from the others.
  • An N95 mask is the United States approved standard respirator that every American should be using. 

Now that you know three good reasons why an N95 Respirator is what you need when you shop or if you work in retail, it would be easy to go to the next step. Buy an N95 respirator today for you and your family.

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