Should defective N95 masks be thrown out?

N95 masks:

N95 masks are specially designed to filter the maximum harmful particles present in the air. People use these masks to get protection from many viruses that can be hazardous to human health. Different public health care organizations that are specifically working for the safety of people have approved N95 masks for use. These masks can give 95% protection against many harmful particles present.

And the reason behind this is that the N95 mask is made up of good quality stuff that makes it more efficient in its filtration. These masks can filter many viruses, bacteria, and dust particles that are mostly present in the atmosphere.

Role of N95 mask s in this pandemic:

COVID has been considered the most threatening disease among all of the other diseases that have appeared in the past. Because Coronavirus has affected different countries economically and socially, at a dangerous level. And millions of people have lost their lives just because of this threatening disease. Governments of different countries were striving to find a method through which they could control the Coronavirus. 

But they were not making any progress in this matter. Then finally the United States manufactured N95 masks for the protection of people. The N95 mask has saved millions of lives by providing maximum protection to the people that were at the threat of being infected by the Coronavirus. 

Should the N95 mask be thrown out?

At this time of COVID 19 as the threat of being infected by the Corona, the virus has reached a dangerous level. And because of this reason millions of people are using this mask excessively to get protection against many harmful particles present in the air. This excessive use of N95 masks has created a threat that there could be a shortage of N95 masks in the future. But no country can afford this shortage in N95 mask supply at any cost.

Because this shortage will be a dangerous fact for the people that are already at greater risk to get infected by COVID 19. That's why this question” Should N95 masks be thrown out “is worth giving to millions of people. Another reason that forces people to think about this act is that all N95 mask models are not cheap mask products. These N95 masks cost a lot, and not everyone can afford them again and again after their first use.

The majority of people use N95 masks to stay protected in this threatening time. But sometimes a problem occurs while using these masks and that problem is about the damage of the N95 mask. Some of the masks products become damaged because of some minor reasons but it causes a big loss for the people who are not able to purchase these masks again. So there is a need to find some ways that can help people to tackle this problem.  

Ways and Conditions to reuse N95 masks:

As it was necessary to find some ways to solve this problem, a public healthcare organization has recommended some strategies and techniques to reuse N95 masks. These techniques were specially designed to maintain the manufacturing and supply of N95 masks. Because more people throughout the N95 mask, more will be the chances of shortage of these masks. But here are some specific conditions in which people can reuse the N95 mask.

The first condition includes that, if the N95 mask that issued by people is not that much damaged and can be repaired easily then people can use it again. But sometimes the N95 mask becomes more damaged and the specific part of the damaged mask could not be repaired. So in that condition, it's not safe to use the N95 mask again in a normal routine. And in such conditions it's better to throw out the N95 mask and not to reuse it.

Another way to reuse these masks is that people can decontaminate the N95 mask or they can disinfect these masks by some special means. These techniques and methods are easy to be used by people and everyone can use these techniques easily to disinfect their N95 mask. These techniques include the exposure of N95 masks in the sunlight. And the second one is the use of specific chemicals that are effective in disinfecting the N95 masks.

There is another way to disinfect N95 masks and that technique is letting the N95 masks stay unused for a few days. But this technique is applicable for those masks that are not damaged by anything but have some kind of microscopic particles present on the mask surface. Because, if people will try to reuse damaged masks, they can cause some dangerous effects on human health. And this reuse of N95 masks can increase the threat of the spread of COVID 19. 


N95 mask has proved as the most effective personal protective equipment for giving the maximum protection against many harmful particles. But in this time of threatening COVID 19, it’s an important fact for the people that “Should defective N95 masks be thrown out? “. Because it’s not easy for everyone to purchase these masks again and again if they get damaged because of some reasons. 

So public healthcare organizations have recommended some ways and conditions for the reuse of N95 masks, otherwise, a defective N95 mask should be thrown out as soon as possible. Because if people will try to use these defective masks then these masks can cause severe damage to their health.

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