Should Individuals With Asthma Be Wearing Surgical Masks?

A lot of people now wear surgical masks. It is just the right thing to do in order to protect one's self from the coronavirus and from any other bacteria and germs that may be found in the air. Individuals have always been a stickler for their own health and safety and that is for a reason. 

In this article, let's discuss how individuals with asthma should be able to protect themselves during this time of a pandemic.

Vulnerable Population

The reality is that there are members of the population that are more vulnerable to the virus than any other members of the population. The individuals who are pregnant, newborn children and children up to the age of 16, adults under hospice care, those who have weak respiratory symptoms, and the like are all members of the vulnerable population. 

Individuals listed as vulnerable are considered as part of the protected class that individuals now look at in order to protect because they may be in critical danger once they get the virus. One of the more vulnerable parts of the population which has no age group is the group of individuals that has asthma.

Asthmatic individuals are expected to have weak lungs and since the coronavirus is a respiratory disease, they may have worse conditions and worse symptoms than the ordinary members of the population.

Protecting The Vulnerable

With the reality that those with asthma are at a worst position. There is a need to protect them from the virus. How do people with asthma protect themselves? How should people around the people with asthma act around them? 

Wear Surgical Masks.

Individuals, those with asthma and those without asthma, are all expected to wear surgical masks at this point. We are all already at the part of our pandemic where a vaccine has been created but we are all months away from having heard immunity or basically months away from the end of the pandemic. This means that as much as possible it is important to wear surgical masks and to protect those who are vulnerable by wearing surgical masks around them.

Individuals with asthma may have weak breathing patterns and they may have a problem with surgical masks. However, surgical masks are use fitting and they are made from different materials that would still be able to protect individuals from the virus.

If you have asthma and you have tried wearing a surgical mask but you are not fit, you can try all of the other masks that have been approved for use by the government.

You can wear an N95 mask, an N95 mask with a valve, or even a silk mask to help you breathe. 

Exercise Physical Distance.

If you have asthma or you know someone who has asthma, you should exercise physical distancing when you are with them. Since individuals with asthma are not always wearing a surgical mask or any mask because they have a hard time breathing, it is important that you exercise physical distancing especially if you are at home you live with them. Protecting yourself from the virus is, by extension, protecting those who are vulnerable from the virus as well.

Stock Up On Medicine.

You may also have to face the reality that medicine and all the other things that people with asthma need may be out of stock or may need some restocking by the market, if you are looking at this fact, you should make sure that you already have some stocks of the needs that individuals with asthma have. Make sure you have extra medicine to go around just in case you and your family cannot go out.

Buy Extra Surgical Masks.

While it may be prudent to not allow your child to go out at all, children are often hard headed and follow what they have in mind. If you have a stubborn child who is already suffering from asthma but wants to go out make sure that she or he is protected from the virus through their friends let their friends know that they have asthma and they are in the vulnerable group. If you can you should also buy surgical masks or extra personal protective equipment for the people that your child would hang around with. You may not even know that your child is already going out so you might as well make sure that he or she is protecting himself.

Teach Your Children About Protocol

If you have asthma or if one of your children has asthma, the best way to protect that would be to teach them the general protocol that they need to follow against the coronavirus. If your children know how to protect themselves, you are extending your hand in helping them survive this pandemic with you.

Be Ready For Protection

Individuals with asthma need an extra layer of protection this is already established. Surgical masks have been created to provide protection for the general population and that is exactly what needs to get done. If you or anybody you live with has asthma, make sure that you keep yourself updated with all of the nutrients and new ways that people with the same condition are protecting themselves. Surgical masks and only do so much protection but the best kind of protection is always going to be your own health and safety protocol at home.

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