Should kids wear N95 masks or surgical masks?

Yes! Today we all certainly require personal protective equipment to protect ourselves so that we do not get contaminated by the novel coronavirus that has been spread all over the world. Personal protective equipment is the precautionary measure that we have been taking for one year long now. It is most certainly to safeguard ourselves and the health of our families. 

We do require protection against Novel coronavirus that has been spread worldwide because it is a very rapidly spreading virus and has managed to contaminate every single corner of the world in a time span of a few months.

The authorities like NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and CDA (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have advised to the citizens all over the world that as a precaution towards the rapidly spread covid-19 virus which is a result of the newly found strain of coronavirus, they are asked to wear a mask in public if they have the symptoms below,

  • Someone who has a high fever
  • Someone who is experiencing cough
  • Someone whose nose has been running for quite a while now
  • Someone with any respiratory disease symptoms

Many organizations have advised all over the world in every country possible that the people who are not in direct exposure to the coronavirus should prefer wearing masks that are not essential for the medical healthcare professionals and the frontline workers.

Now the world is not full of people at the age of above 12 some people come under the age of 0 to 12. The people are commonly called children. There are many masks in the market, and we really have to choose the Mask very well when it comes to the children and how fragile they can be. Here in the points below, we will try to find out what mask suits the children better, N95 masks or Surgical Masks,

  •     Some important points about N95 respirators

  •     Some important points about surgical masks

  •     How efficient is wearing Face masks for the children?

  •     What mask should children be wearing the N95 respirator or the surgical mask?

Some Important Points about the N95 Respirators

Below are the points we will be mentioning why and what are the manufacturing processes that have been involved in the formation of N95 respirators, 

  • The most crucial point about N95 respirators is that these are the most preferred respirators, and the mask industry is always facing shortage when it comes to the N95 respirators.

  • The N95 respirators, when designed, were not incorporated with any resistance or protection against the oil-based aerosols. Therefore one needs to remember that they do not feel the sense of safety wearing the N95 respirator and being present in an environment prone to oil-based aerosols. 

  • The feature that makes N95 respirators unique is none other than them being able to provide about 95% efficiency when it comes to protection against the viruses, bacteria, and different microorganisms that can be contaminants and harm the wearer any way. This is the very reason the N95 respirators have been the first reference of the medical healthcare professionals.

  • The other reason for N95 respirators coming out as the most protective of one of the personal protective equipment is that they are provided certification of being the best detection against covid-19 by the authorities like NIOSH and CDA. 

Some important points about the surgical mask

Surgical Masks are another type of personal protective equipment that is present in the market, and below are some points that will define them,

  • The surgical masks, just like the N95 masks, contain three layers that protect the outside environment and also prevent any dispersal of particles into the outside environment by the wearer.

  • The surgical masks are mostly loose fit because they were designed for being worn during surgery etc.

  • These masks are mostly termed as a very evident physical barrier between the droplets present in the outside environment and the droplets in the inside atmosphere that can contaminate the outside environment.

How efficient is wearing face masks for the children? 

Below are some of the points that will tell you how efficient can wearing our face mask for children be,

  • When talking about children, we know that they get irritated very soon and are very fragile. When wearing a mask, you can very well be sure about feeling a little suffocated because the carbon dioxide trapped inside the mask gives you a feeling of uneasiness. You might find it hard to decorate this discomfort for children can cause to irritability. Therefore, the mask that they use should be very breathable and very less irritating.

  • It would help if you also made sure that the mask you provide for your children should have a proper fit around their nose bridge because that is the place that needs appropriate protection against the contaminants in the outside environment.

What mask should children be wearing the N95 respirator or the surgical mask?

The Mask that children should be wearing should not be the N95 respirators because they are fit for an adolescent human's face structure. Secondly, they do not provide the level of reliability that a child requires and the child might feel constrained inside the mask that is the N95 Respirators.

On the other hand, the surgical masks are a little loose fit, which provides the children with the comfort they require, and thus they won't get irritated as soon as that in the N95 Respirators.

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