Should the elderly wear N95 masks?

N95 masks

N95 respirators filter various kinds of smaller particles, including bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, pollen spores, and dust particles, and are the source of air pollution in various areas. These respirators are easy to use and made of a soft material by their manufacturers that do not give human skin some form of pain if they are used by anybody.

N95 respirators are types of face-covering respirators that individuals use to cover their faces to protect against any kind of harmful airborne particles that if breathing reaches the human body, may be harmful to human health.

Should the elderly wear N95 masks?

In order to prevent them from catching coronavirus, elderly and vulnerable people should wear face masks in public, British scientists say. The masks have a 'small protective effect' that could shield them from contracting the bug in crowded locations, a review of the scientific literature found.

The study by the University of East Anglia, Norwich, is advising vulnerable people on public transport, supermarkets, or hospitals to wear one.

But they say that the evidence is not strong enough to recommend that masks be used widely in the general population. The UK Government even now says that no 'well' individual needs to wear one in public although it claims almost no safety is offered.

People with flu-like symptoms are urged to wear a mask by officials because it can prevent them from spreading the disease.

The UEA researchers scanned all the data on whether the use of a face mask reduces the spread of flu viruses and colds.

They found 31 studies that had analyzed whether people were stopped from getting symptoms by wearing face masks. The team discovered that, especially in shared public spaces, masks had a consistent, but small, protective effect.

It has not yet been peer-reviewed because of the rapid-response nature of this research.

'That there's been a lot of controversy about whether wearing a face mask could help protect people from COVID-19 and decrease the spread of infectious infection,' said study author Professor Paul Hunter, an expert in infectious diseases.

To see what the best advice for people is, we wanted to evaluate all the evidence available.

We researched when respiratory diseases similar to COVID-19 - sickness and cough or sore throat - appeared. But it is important to remember that, because there have been no specific studies to date, we have not been able to look specifically at COVID-19.'

Study leader Dr. Julii Brainard, also in the Norwich Medical School of UEA, said: We discovered that although people are out-and-out in the public, using a face mask and other face coverings had a coherent but small protective effect against influenza-type symptoms.

People who were wearing masks, usually of surgical grade, were less likely to have respiratory symptoms in the community from casual exposure.

‘You will be less likely to cause infection with anything like a sneeze or cough near you. It's a small risk reduction, but it may be really necessary for people who are extremely vulnerable.

‘It also seemed that wearing masks at home lowered the likelihood of well-to-do housemates being sick. If both an ill person and their good contacts were wearing masks, the risk reduction was highest, a 19 percent reduction.

Within a home setting, the protective effect is possibly minimal because people have a lot of repetitive forms of contact, but there are several ways to spread the germs.

This is why it remains so important to wash hands. Washing hands well only rarely takes 20 seconds of concentration during the day.

Last week the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed its policy on masks significantly and is now urging all Americans to wear them. It is also said that the World Health Organization (WHO) - which does not recommend that healthy people wear them - is reconsidering its mask guidelines.

The British government notes that surgical masks are too thin, loose-fitting, and brittle, making it easy to move through the tiny viral particles.

Yet experts have often maintained that they shield the wearer from infecting others by n95 masks, although the surgical masks do not prevent others from contracting the disease.

This might be more significant than previously believed now that experts realize that for several days before they have symptoms, infected individuals are infectious. When a patient speaks, breathes, coughs, or sneezes, the virus can be transmitted through droplets that are released.

According to WHO

The organization said that healthcare staff should engage in "universal masking" in health care facilities in areas of COVID-19 spread, meaning they should wear an N95 respirator mask during their entire shift, even when taking care of other patients.

The organization also recommended not wearing masks for people who do vigorous physical exercise, citing some risks associated, especially asthma.

For adults, the WHO advises that children up to the age of 5 do not wear source control masks. Children between the ages of 6 and 11 can only wear masks including n95 masks if a risk-based approach is applied, they added.

The considerations to be taken into account in the risk-based approach include the severity of transmission of COVID-19, the willingness of adults to comply with the acceptable use of ns95 masks and the availability of adequate adult supervision, the local social and cultural climate and unique conditions, such as elderly family households or schools, as the organization has stated in its recommendations.

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