Surgical masks are being used the most by these demographics

The ongoing novel corona virus disease covid-19 pandemic has rapidly spread in only 2020, causing tens of thousands of deaths, over a million cases and wide spread social economic disruption with no vaccine available yet. Numerous health care systems reaching or exceeding capacity, interventions to limit transmission are urgently needed. The most astonishing fact about covid-19 is that it can spread from one person to another rapidly.

The most common precautionary measure to avoid spreading is to maintain physical distancing, use of sanitizers, cleaning hands, keeping room well ventilated, avoiding crowds, coughing into bent elbow or tissue and most importantly wearing a mask. 

Role of wearing masks in covid-19 protection

As COVID-19 can spread easily from one person to another being airborne. The easiest way for protection against covid-19 is use of masks. Masks should be used as a part of a strategy to suppress transmission and to save lives’. Different types of masks have different efficiency levels. Such N95 masks have the highest efficiency of 95% to show protection against covid-19. Surgical masks have less efficiency when compared to N95 masks, whereas clothes or fabric masks have the least efficiency, but can help reduce the spreading. 

What type of masks to wear and when?

The type of mask to wear and when depends on how much virus is spreading and where you live. Here is some specification regarding use of the masks.

Wear a fabric or a cloak mask unless you are in a particular risk group. This is important when you can’t stay physically distant, particularly intruded and poorly ventilated indoors settings.

Medical or surgical masks should be used specifically if a person feels unwell, or feels symptoms, or is under treatment. For medical or health workers surgical masks are essential personal protective equipment.

Who should not wear a mask?

Masks should not be worn by

  • Children younger than 2 years old.
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing.
  • Anyone who is unconscious or unable to remove the mask without assistance.

How many masks are needed and how many are being produced?

The WHO estimates 89 million medical masks are needed globally every month. Americans are largely optimistic about covid-19 progression, according to a survey, and their responses suggest that use of face masks will remain commonplace in the months ahead. At the start of the outbreak US officials estimated that the country needed 300 million face masks to cope with covid-19 in 2020. Since then the US manufactured 3 million masks, which made 550 million marks in 2019. it is said that  it will produce 2 billion marks this year around the world.

Comparison between ratio of surgical and cloth mask usage: 

For surgical masks there are notable differences in use based on settings.  Responding in larger cities where residents are in closer proximity, are more likely than those in rural areas, the suburbs, and smaller cities to report the use of the medical surgical mask, especially N95 respirators. When comparing the use of medical surgical grade masks by region, respondents in the Midwest’s report the lowest rates of wearing both surgical masks and N95 respirators, while those in the northeast report the highest rates of wearing N95 respirators. 

Demographic use of masks with respect to the US.

Mask wearing is reported demographically broadly. The result indicates some notable differences based on age, gender and organizations. It has been more than 3 months since the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) reversed course and recommended that Americans wear face masks in public to limit the spread of corona virus. Gallop has been measuring US adults using face masks since early April. 

The use of the masks and respirators is nearly universal across the country, with (97%) of all responding saying they wear a mask at least one in a typical week. Furthermore, wearing a face mask is a behavior that may endure. A majority of responders say they expect to wear masks 9 months from now. Eighty eight percent believe the country's infection rate will be lower for the same in nine months, whether or not the vaccine is available, while only (12%) percent of the respondents believe that COVID-19 situation will get worse.

Latest findings reported by US demographic use of masks say that 40% percent of the US adult “Always” wears masks when outside their home, 28% say that they do so “Very often”. At the same time, 3 in 10 reports doing so” Less often”, including 15%  “Sometimes” and 4% “ Rarely”  whereas  14% are included in” Never” category.

While the majority of the women (54%), Northeasterners (54%) and those with annual household income under US$36000, (5%) say they always use masks outside their home.

The one exception is republicans, among whom a majority say that they wear masks infrequently either sometimes 18% rarely 91% or never 21%.  Although President Donald trump has been reluctant to wear one in public, other republican leaders have come out in support of using them. 

While talking about Educational Centers (49%) of students always use face masks, (36%) very often, (8%) sometimes and (2%) rarely use face masks. 


It can be concluded that using face masks is the most effective and easiest way to control the spreading of COVID-19. It doesn’t matter on the type of face mask, the most important thing is to use face masks when necessary by all people irrespective of region, age and gender. If we want to defeat COVID-19 until a vaccine is discovered.

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