The 3 hottest models of N95 masks currently on the market (and where to buy them)

COVID-19 transfers from people to people contact and it can cause severe respiratory problems that can lead to death. Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of this virus. Millions are suffering. Governments around the world and healthcare institutes are recommending the use of face coverings to avoid this spread of the virus. These face masks are not medical or surgical masks.

Normal face coverings cannot filter the smallest of the particles from the air. They are very less effective in protection against the virus. However, N95 masks are the best in this case. They are designed to filter the smallest of the viruses. Depending upon the severity of the virus, people have chosen these face masks and face coverings. However, during the pandemic N95 masks have proved to the most effective protection tools. 

N95 masks are the particulate face piece filter that can filter the smallest of the dust particles and the airborne particles from the air. They provide 95% filtration from these harmful particles and agents. The exposure to the virus decreases up to 100% with the use of these N95 masks. Various manufacturing companies around the world are preparing these N95 masks and providing them to the general public and healthcare officials. 

Depending upon the needs of the people, various models of N95 masks were introduced by these manufacturers in the market. All of these N95 masks are the NIOSH verified. Before introducing the N95 mask products in the market, NIOSH tests these N95 masks for their filtration quality, comfortability, and some other characteristics. There are some of the best N95 mask models which are present in the market these days. Following are the three best and the hottest models of N95 masks in the market:

3M 8511 N95 Respirator

This N95 mask and respirator model is the best in the list of some best N95 mask models. After being approved by the NIOSH for the public and the healthcare facility use, the manufacturers deliver these N95 masks to the various retailers in the market. This N95 mask model filters almost all of the non-oily particles from the air before they enter inside the body. 

The cool flow valve of this N95 masks provides the most comfortable breathing experience. During the high temperatures, it usually becomes difficult to use the masks and face covering, because the heat is trapped inside the mouth and it causes irritations. To help people with this problem, the cool flow valve is added to the N95 masks. This valve removes all of the extra heat inside the mask and builds a comfortable environment.  

The second major quality of this N95 mask and respirator is the adjustable nose clip. To give a comfortable experience to the wearer, the adjustable nose clip can help the wearer in adjusting the secure seal on the face. After pressing the nose clip, the seal just fits in the perfect ways on the nose and gives a better experience. This comfort factor makes it the best N95 mask model in the market right now.

Moreover, the elastic braided headbands also provide the comfortability to the wearer. Most of the time, on the normal surgical and medical masks, the straps are too tight and they leave the red spots on the face. However, these N95 masks have the best straps which do not leave any red marks on the face. 

3M 1860 Medical N95 Mask

This N95 mask is the best for the people working inside the healthcare facilities such as doctors, nurses, and patients. The specialty of this N95 mask model is that it can protect people from the smoke and all of the airborne particles inside the air. Numerous people with severe respiratory problems and allergies can protect themselves with the help of this N95 mask.

This N95 mask fits snugly on the nose and covers almost all of the face. The filtration layers of this mask do not allow any of the particles to pass through it and provide the best filtration ability. It is a close-fitting asks unlike the other face masks and surgical masks. This tight-fitting ability makes it able to filter 95% of the dust and airborne particles. 

It has some of the best features that make it the most comfortable face mask for people with asthma and other respiratory allergies. People have relied on this N95 mask model from the very start of the pandemic, and it has provided the best results.

3M Safety N95 8210Plus Particulate Respirator

People mostly use N95 masks for protecting themselves from the viruses and the dust particles; however, some people also have to work in a place where they are exposed to various chemicals and harmful gases. So, for their protection, this N95 mask and particulate respirator model is the best. It can also filter 95% of the particles. With its simple designs, it can provide the most comfortable and the best experience. 

The masks durability, comfort level, and air filtration quality make it one of the best N95 mask model. People are using this model to protect themselves and their family members from the viruses, bacteria, and various other harmful infection-causing agents. 

Where to buy them?

All of these N95 mask models can be purchased from various stores such as Walmart, Clinical Supplies USA, Amazon, The Home Depot, and various other stores in the USA and outside of the USA.

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