Surgical masks are recognized as the best face masks by medical professionals. Moreover, they are not only used to protect medical personnel from splashes of body fluids during surgery, but also give protection from harmful pathogens including influenza. However, these surgical masks cannot provide protection from tiniest pathogens such as bacteria and viruses as they easily get filtered out through them.

The surgical mask has two sides- the outer dark side and inner white side covering the face. Its production works on a melt blowing process by using the non-woven fabric. Now, COVID-19 pandemic has forced common people to wear it at any cost.

Surgical masks and N-95 Masks:

Although the surgical masks were used to protect people from airborne particles such as bacterial or cough droplets, their effectiveness against COVID-19 has not yet been confirmed by health workers. Thus, it is recommended to wear N-95 to get certain protection against contagious viruses including COVID-19 and influenza. Therefore, it is a recommendation from the government health officials to use N-95 to combat COVID-19. Conclusively, the surgical masks are being made for low- level dealing of medications, whereas N-95 masks are specifically being produced to control high- level problems such as COVID-19 and influenza viruses.

Biggest Surgical Masks Firms:

Following are the major surgical masks’ manufacturing companies across the globe.

Kimberly Clark Corporation:

Kimberly Clark Corporation is a well-known surgical masks’ manufacturing company located at Irving, Texas. They produce various masks such as surgical masks, N-95 surgical masks, n-95 respirators, and many more. Their main purpose is to ensure the best health care to medical personnel and common people who favor their surgical items including N-95 against COVID-19. The plethora protective material is specially used in their production chamber because they want the best protection for their customers.


A renowned manufacturing company of the USA – the Moldex Metric produces the best masks for industrial purposes. Their comfortable surgical equipment includes surgical masks, N-95 respirators, and a special plethora of such items. Their quality products are not only used in the health care departments., but also in mining and construction industries. Their reputation is very good in the business marketing that during the phase of COVID-19 people favored their surgical products to ensure the best protection. Thus, people wear their N-95 masks whenever they go outside their homes.

Aero Pro Company

Based in Taiwan, Aero Pro is a company that manufactures various products like surgical masks, N95 respirators, N95 surgical masks, and several different types of masks as well. The masks manufactured by the AeroPro company are exported to different continents like Asia and Europe etc. 


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Honeywell is an American multinational conglomerate that operates in the fields of building technologies, aerospace, and a couple of other industries as well. Honeywell manufactures two types of masks like disposable and non-disposable masks; it manufactures surgical masks, N95 respirators, and also provides products from protection against chemical and gas vapors, etc. 


From Taipei, Taiwan, Makrite is one of the best and biggest manufacturers of face masks. Useful products manufactured by Makrite have been used in various industries like automotive, industrial, and medical markets all around the world. Makrite sells products in North America as well, and they always provide the best quality masks for their customers.

They manufacture disposables and reusable masks as well. Some of these masks include surgical masks, N95 respirators, and plenty of other masks as well. 


Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, 3M is a multinational corporation that operates in the fields of U.S. healthcare, consumer products, and industry, etc. From the United States of America, 3M manufactures surgical masks, N95 respirators, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, tapes, scrub, and a plethora of other products as well. 3M is the largest N95 respirator manufacturer company. 

During the pandemic, 3M has been crucial and swift in producing products like N95 respirators, surgical masks, disinfectants, and plenty of other products. It is anticipated that 3M will have made almost 2 billion dollars by the end of this year. 3M is one of the biggest manufacturers of surgical masks and sells different types of masks to help people cope with their conundrums. 

These masks are used as protective gear to stop the microbes, dust particles, airborne particles, water droplets, and other contaminants that can carry the respiratory infection causing agents. They block these particles and stop them from entering the body with inhaled air. So, they provide great protection. However, we have various types of these masks; some of them are used in hospitals, industries, factories, and some of them are used by the general public. 

There are two major types of masks that are under discussion these days; N95 masks and the surgical masks. With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, people are in search of the best protective tools to protect themselves from the virus. These masks have been available to the people prior to the pandemic, but the basic difference has been noticed by people during the pandemic. 

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