The Clinical Supplies Recommended Products – Our Guide to Navigating COVID-19

This is the official recommended products guide by Clinical Supplies USA.

As people are opening themselves up to more and more personal protective equipment options to safeguard themselves from COVID-19, we decided to create this comprehensive list for all the products we recommend.

By choosing any of the products recommended below, you’re protecting yourself and those around you and contributing to slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Surgical face masks

Surgical face masks are disposable, one-time use protective equipment that aims to protect those around the wearer from acutely-released body fluids such as droplets from sneezes or coughs.

Because the spread of the coronavirus is fueled by viral particles contained in released body fluids, wearing a surgical face masks will prevent us from spreading these viral particles to those around us.

Surgical face masks fit loosely around the nose and mouth, and they have been recommended by numerous governments around the world. In some countries in Europe, surgical face masks are a must for everyone going outside during the pandemic.


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Cloth masks/ cloth coverings

Cloth face coverings have been recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a preventative measure then going out in a public setting. They provide similar protection to surgical masks, in that they are intended to shield other people from you.

They, however, along with surgical face masks, only filter a miniscule amount of particles from the air, so they shouldn’t be worn as a way to protect the wearer from the external hazards.

N-95 respirators

Medical-grade, seal-tested respirator masks are the strongest form of protection you can get. They feature tangled fibers that allow the filtering of pathogens from the air you’re breathing in. To do this right, they must fit very close to the face, covering the edges around the mouth and nose.

In times of critical supply, they should only be used by medical personnel and people who are at high risk of virus exposure. However, with the production of N95 skyrocketing worldwide, the general public can now access these masks.

This means one of the most effective forms of protective equipment you can get could soon be accessible to anyone, making it a good choice for those who want to stay safe and healthy.


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Face shields

Face shields do an excellent job at safeguarding the wearer’s face from external hazards such as viral airborne particles.

When talking about disease prevention, face shields serve as a barrier layer that can safeguard us from acutely-released viral fluids in the air. They are an excellent option for healthcare personnel and service industry workers, but their uniqueness and effectiveness lies in protecting the wearer from outside hazards and not the other way around.

That being said, face shields that are designed for healthcare workers can provide you with a high degree of safety, but not as much as medical-grade respirators like N95.

Studies have concluded that their average efficiency in protecting the wearer is about 94 percent.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

If you want to keep your hands clean and safe, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are one of your most effective choices. They eliminate many types of bacteria, as well as virus particles that choose your hands as a hotspot.

They can be easily carried around at work or anywhere you go, however, they cannot be a replacement to the more effective warm water and soap cleaning. This is because soap and water are unmatched when it comes to sanitizing your hands from harmful bacteria and viruses. But hand sanitizers are convenient to carry around and use when soap and water are not readily available.


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Nitrile gloves.

Nitrile gloves are a powerful form of PPE that safeguards your hands from becoming viral particle hotspots. Nitrile gloves are a great way to protect yourself against the novel coronavirus if you are in an environment where you are at risk at being exposed to COVID-19.

Nitrile gloves, however, will not protect you from touching your face, eyes, or mouth, so they cannot protect you from transmitting the virus from your gloves to your face. They provide your hands with an extra dimension of protection, but if you want to ensure your safety, make sure you wear a face shield that can protect your face and prevent you from touching it.


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Where can I buy protective equipment in bulk?

You can contact us an inquire about purchases above 2,000 units here.


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