The Commoditization of Face Masks and PPE – What Happened?

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a lot of problems with our healthcare system and supply chains. As a start, when the coronavirus outbreak began in January 2020, there weren’t enough mask for everyone that needed them.

The problem was that almost all face masks were manufactured in China. Last year, the Hong Kong protesters used face masks to cover their identity, and as a result, the Chinese government restricted the supplies of face coverings.

That decision backfired because before the pandemic China was responsible for manufacturing half of all face masks worldwide. That led to shortages worldwide and caused problems in several countries. If you want to learn why there was a shortage of face masks, you check out our article.

Recently, 3M doubled the production of N95 respirators. Click here to learn what this means for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss how exactly face masks and other personal protective equipment became a worldwide commodity.

If you want to know what tools and protective equipment, you need to protect yourself from COVID-19, read this article.

How Face Masks and Other Protective Equipment Became a Commodity?

Nothing symbolizes the COVID-19 pandemic better than the face mask. While measures such as social distancing felt strange and were rejected initially, wearing a face mask quickly found its appeal. In the absence of a cure for COVID-19, the mask is the only protection we can buy right now.

Everywhere you go, you can find that inexpensive piece of plastic and see how everyone else is wearing it. Some countries have used their masks to play political games while independent retailers made a fortune selling branded masks. Even big fashion companies like Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga began to produce them.

In only a couple of weeks, the face mask went from a necessity to being an exploited asset that can make you a fortune. The same goes for hand sanitizers.

In the beginning, there were shortages of hand sanitizer, but now tons of companies manufactured them. Even the rapper 50 Cent sells hand sanitizers online. While it’s good that more people can access the personal protective equipment that they need, this commoditization also shows you the dark side of entrepreneurship.

It shows you that most companies are willing to do anything in their power, so they can stand out and make money even in a tragedy like COVID-19 pandemic. Also, it showed another problem.

That these companies are willing to produce just enough masks and protective equipment so they can make a profit. They are not prepared for the long-term demand that is coming.

That’s why we created Clinical Supplies, a US-based manufacturer of face masks and other personal protective equipment.

How Do We Deal with the Commoditization of Face Masks and PPE?

We saw a big problem. There were shortages of face masks and protective equipment in tons of hospitals in the US. That inspired us to create Clinical supplies, in the wake of the COVID-10 pandemic.

This situation created a disaster because there were many Americans that didn’t have access to any protective equipment. There were also a lot of online scammers that used the situation to make money by selling low-quality face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers.

In a very short period, we created a supply chain that ensured that we can deliver face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers to the people that need them the most. We quickly expanded our selection of products.

We admit that some products are made overseas, but we guarantee that our face masks are made in America. We didn’t want to outsource our entire production overseas. While we could make more money that way, we wanted to be able to supply the American people with personal protective equipment on very short notice.

Clinical Supplies offers high-quality products on affordable prices, ensuring that everyone that needs them can get them. We also offer bulk and wholesale purchases for hospitals and healthcare professional that need more protective equipment.

Here are the products that we offer:








If you want more than 2,000 units of a single product, you can contact us here.


To summarize, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed flaws in our system. It showed that in a consumer-based society, big companies can make a lot of money by supplying the demand. But in reality, they intentionally started creating different versions and models of face masks and other protective equipment to increase their margins.

At the same time, there were tons of hospitals that couldn’t access face masks, hand sanitizers and nitrile gloves that they needed. That’s why Clinical Supplies was created – to provide people with the PPE that they need.

Our products are made in the USA, so we can quickly supply hospitals or healthcare professionals with protective equipment in case of emergency.

We don’t intend to make money from this venture but rather help the people that were left alone by the big companies.

If you’re looking for more valuable information about personal protective equipment, COVID-19 and face masks, you can check out our blog.

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