The current state of the supply chain of N95 masks in the United States

N95 masks are definitely the most important masks in the world right now. With more than 1 billion people looking at how they can use N95 masks for their needs. This is definitely the most important commodity that should follow a strict supply chain and logistics. N95 masks are going to have to be controlled. 

In this article, we will discuss the current supply chain in the United States and the different movements and sources that hospitals, medical organizations, and the government look at to make sure that they meet the demand for the N95 masks.

The Current Supply Chain Of N95 Masks In The United States

The United States has a very high need for N95 masks. While a lot of people need to have that same kind of protection that it offers, medical frontliners hospitals and those who are definitely in need of the N95 masks supply are also looking for the right supplier. The current supply chain of N95 masks in the United States is one that depends on certain factors. The following are the circumstances that the N95 masks supply chain currently depends on:

  • Manufacturers. The United States government has become dependent on the N95 masks manufacturers that are not just based in the United States but also based on other countries. Big manufacturers of N95 masks have provided a lot of leeway for the United States government to be able to maximize the potential of their N95 masks supplies and determine the areas that are definitely in big need of help. Currently, big manufacturers that are based in Minnesota, Florida, and California, or providing most of the N95 masks supply needs of the United States government, from the local state health department to federal health departments.
  • Donations. The supply chain of N95 masks in the United States is also very much dependent on the donations coming from other countries. Foreign suppliers have been given some emergency authorization and this meant that other countries that have been able to fight off the virus have also donated an enormous amount of personal protective equipment including N95 masks and N95 respirators. For most of us, the donations for personal protective equipment are being directed to areas that are in definite need of the supply.
  • Taking Control Of The Current Supply. The first answer that the United States government decided to follow at the beginning of the pandemic is to take control over the current supply of N95 masks. Suppliers like Amazon, eBay, and even the main manufacturers 3M, were forced to close off selling individual buyers and just give the supply or sell their supply to the government. In some areas in the United States this is still the situation but there are now other suppliers that can help provide the that most of the States need. This supplier is Clinical Supplies USA among others.

Help The Process

The supply chain of N95 masks is yet to survive after the intense blow that is the lockdowns and the shutdowns. In today’s pandemic ridden world, the best way for us to help the process is to make sure that we will have N95 masks in stock at home and that we maximize the supply that we have. You should definitely look at how you can help the supply chain through maximizing the use of your N95 masks.

How To Maximize The Use Of N95 Masks?

To maximize the use of N95 masks, there are a few things that one should keep in mind and they are the following:

  1. Look at the studies that have been released and approved for decontamination of N95 masks. There are already a lot of studies that you can look at and that you can follow to decontamination of N95 masks. Through these processes, you can definitely make sure that you have everything in your power to clean up the N95 masks and reuse them so they can fit properly and maintain their process.
  2. Make sure that you assign one person to go out and run errands only when needed and properly scheduled. if you are in a place with a hard lockdown and you are in a big family, not everything a member of that family would need to go out and buy supplies or run errands. If you have no reason to go out, just assign one person to run your errands when needed and make sure that you properly schedule the runs. This kind of organization would make sure that you maximize your N95 masks supply and prevent further problems in the supply chain.
  3. Always go for the right supplier. One of the main problems that people have been stocking up in is the fact that they have no idea which suppliers are right and which suppliers can help them out. You should just go for the right supplier and make sure that you find someone you can trust with N95 masks. The most often used suppliers of N95 masks are Amazon, Clinical Supplies USA, and the like. 
  4. Use the right size. Make sure that you are using the right size of the N95 mask and the N95 respirators.

Do Your Part

We are all in this together. The need for N95 masks is still high and it will always be at its highest and peak until it finds a cure or a vaccine for the coronavirus. The best thing about the N95 mask is that you will definitely gain more from using it than the money you spend on it. Buy N95 masks and make sure that you do your part in keeping the supply chain alive and sustainable. The best thing that we can do it to make sure that we all have N95 masks when the need arises

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