The Mask Scheme That Swindled The University Of Iowa Hospitals Out Of $1.6 Million

The last thing that people want to hear when we are fighting a pandemic is when other people try to take advantage of it. However, it is important for the population to learn more about how others are taking advantage of the situation. There have been so many scams about the N95 masks, N95 respirators, and other personal protective equipment. Even hospitals and those that are truly in need of protection have not been spared by these bad individuals.

In this article we will discuss one of those skis that swindled the University of Iowa Hospital out of more than $1.6 million. We will also discuss where smaller hospitals and communities can buy the right personal protective equipment like N95 masks.

The Mask Scheme

The mask scheme that swindled University of Iowa hospitals out of $1.6 million happened between Dennis W. Haggerty Jr. and a hospital executive. Haggerty formed At Diagnostics with two partners in Willowbrook, Ill when the pandemic began. They entered into a deal with an unnamed “hospital vice president” on March 29. The terms of the deal called on the company to supply 500,000 N95 masks made by 3M at $4.99 each for a total of $2,495,000.

Upon completion of the deal, it was promised that a fulfillment request letter will get sent to At Diagnostics shortly after the phone call and the $2,495,000 would be delivered upon receipt of the order and confirmation of acceptance. 

A purchase agreement was also sent to the hospital, which stated that the “masks would be delivered April 6 and the funds would be deposited in an escrow account and released upon delivery of the products”. Haggerty sent the invoice and wire information for the hospital to his partner. 

Of course, no personal protective equipment in the form of N95 masks ever came to the hospital's doorsteps. Haggerty then altered bank documents to hide that the money had been funneled into bank accounts he controlled.

He claimed that he never received the funds that he even sent proof that he only had a balance of $1,000. The partner believed him because it was shown on a bank document but a perusal of the bank documents showed that $1,644,838 was transferred from one of Haggerty’s accounts to another.

To make matters even more pressing, Haggerty also is accused of swindling a university hospital in Chicago out of more than $1.2 million so this seems like a scam that he had really thought of doing.

The Right Sellers

If you are the type of person to not like to do a lot of research or who just wants to buy from sellers who know what they're doing and who sell authentic products, then you should know that the following are the most reputable seller is available online:

3M’s Sales Website

It should not be surprising that one of the best sellers would be the manufacturer of the personal protective equipment like N95 masks. 3M has been one of the most important companies in the United States this year. Since the demand for personal protective equipment was at its highest at the beginning of the pandemic, 3M knew how to draw and reroute their sales and manufacturing to hospitals and communities who have a big need for personal protective equipment.

The N95 masks from 3M are considered the best. The offer is the protection that has been approved by NIOSH and they have the right certification that comes with it. If you want to be sure of the supplies that you have and you do not want to fall victim to one scheme or another, the best thing that you can do is to purchase directly from this manufacturer.

Amazon Accredited Sellers

Amazon also has a lot of accredited Sanders. At the beginning of this pandemic, Amazon is forced to close off their supply chain from individuals to communities and hospitals only because of the fact that a lot of your sellers have been trying to increase prices and sell at ridiculously high rates. This was properly addressed and answered by the limitations that Amazon sent.

It was only until around June 2020 or July 2020 that Amazon had already opened up selling to individuals. This level of control shows that Amazon really does take care of their sellers and their buyers.

Clinical Supplies USA

It is also one of the most important sellers during the pandemic. Clinical supplies USA have proven themselves to be worthy of the trust and confidence that have been given to them by individuals. They have shown that they can indeed provide authentic products and provide the right services to make sure that every person will have their share of personal protective equipment like N95 masks.

Honeywell’s Sales Website

The sales website of Honeywell is not a surprise anymore. They have been around for a long time and they are trusted by many individuals all over the world. If you were looking for a more repeatable seller then this manufacturer may also be able to give you just the right amount of personal protective equipment and the original kinds of product that you need.

Trust The Big Names

When it comes to your personal protection, you should never skimp on it. You should make sure that you are 100% protected and that you are using the best possible way to defend yourself from contracting the virus. When you look for N95 masks and N95 respirators, you are already doing your best. But you also need to know that there are scammers out there we just want to make a quick buck at the expense of other people's protection.

Learning more about the scams and the schemes that these individuals do is one of the best ways to prevent being their victims. Keep yourself updated with the latest news and make sure that you always ask the right questions before buying from any supplier.

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