The N95 masks that are most effective at stopping COVID-19 transmission

What are N95 masks?

N95 masks are personal protective equipment that is used to cover the face to protect you from any kind of microscopic particles present in the air. These masks are approvingly assured by many public healthcare administrations that work to analyze different medical products and drugs used for human health protection. N95 masks are composed of different types of protective layers that are made up of non-woven synthetic fiber that enables N95 masks to filter different types of harmful smaller airborne particles that can be passé through other ordinary masks.

 This N95 respirator can give about 95% protection against many Viruses, fungal spores, bacteria, pollen spores, and the large number of dust particles that are mostly present in the air and especially in the unhygienic environment.  

Approval by NIOSH, CDC, FDA:

To keep in view, the protection of human health, many public health care organizations work for the assurance of different medicines and surgical types of equipment that are used by medical institutes and the public to protect their lives against viruses and many other harmful particles that can make a dangerous impact on human health if once they get entered in the human body during respiration. There are many strategies that these organizations used to assure the quality of these surgical products.

And these strategies are not that easy to be completed in a short time. It takes about months to be accomplished. Based on the high quality of N95 masks, they are approved by all of these healthcare organizations and are most demanded all around the world for surgical use.

Major companies and their role in N95 production:

As the N95 mask is most demanded everywhere there is a great need for increasing the supply of these respirators so that they can be used by millions of people to protect their lives. And hopefully, many companies are working on this mission by manufacturing millions of N95 masks on a huge scale so that they can maintain the balance between its use and supply throughout many different countries all over the world.

Till now many companies have been manufacturing N95 masks and top-rated companies are Honeywell, BD, Teleflex, Kimberly- Clark Corporation, Ambu, Prestige Ameritech, 3M. All of these companies are unique in their production of N95 masks and their respirators have a great capacity to give protection against COVI-19. 

N95 models for protection against CoOIVID-19:

Different companies are producing various kinds of N95 masks that have unique abilities to give protection against COVID-19 but few of them are better in their features as compared to others. Because they have advanced filtration capacities that can filter more dangerous particles in comparison to other N95 respirators that are manufactured by specific companies in the United States. So here are some of the top-rated N95 respirators that are used to protect against many viruses.

So the first N95 mask is a 1730 N95 particulate respirator that's manufactured in the United States. It has a great ability to filter the harmful airborne particles because it consists of multi protective layers that can help to stop the transmission of COVID-19. This N94 mask not only just filters the air, but it's also fully comfortable to use due to its soft material that is used in its structure so they can easily be used by people without causing any problem while using it.

Another top-rated N95 mask is a 3M 1860 surgical mask that is mostly used for surgical purposes in hospitals and also in other medical institutes in the United States. It's a disposable respirator that provides about 95% protection against different harmful viruses, bacteria, and dust particles. Doctors have to deal with various kinds of patients in one place, so that's the best tool for them to use during surgical work so that they can protect their health.

The best N95 mask to protect against dust particles is 3M particulate respirator 8200. This N95 model provides complete protection against a huge number of dust particles and can be used at those where there is more dust, like construction sites, textile industries, and other places like this. Its high-quality fiber filters maximum dust and is suitable for people that have a kind of dust allergy and want to protect themselves in this time of COVID-19.

In the list of best N95 masks, the Alpha Protech N95 particulate respirator is of great importance, as it provides plenty of benefits like protection against different microscopic particles and also complete protection against COVID-19 that's the most important feature to be considered in this threatening time of the pandemic. It’s approved by many public healthcare administrations and that’s why it is suitable for use.

Among all of them, the 3M 1904 surgical mask N95 healthcare particulate respirator is an advanced type of N95 mask and is specially used for surgical purposes to protect against COVID-19. Most of the doctors and the medical specialists use these respirators to maintain a complete protective environment around them. 


The N95 mask is most demanded among the other entire mask product and because e of this many companies are working on its manufacturing so that its supply can be fully maintained, and there are lots of N95 models that are present in the market but few of them are proved to be best to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

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