N95 masks:

The N95 mask is a specially designed mask that is used by people to cover their faces. People use N95 masks to get protection against any kind of particle that is present in the air. N95 masks are approved by different public health care organizations that are working for the protection of people. N95 masks can give maximum protection against microscopic particles that can be harmful to human health if they inhale them through respiration. 

These N95 respirators are made up of non-woven synthetic fiber that makes it more efficient in its work. N95 masks can filter about 95% of the harmful particles from the air. These N95 respirators can filter many viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, and dust particles. 

Role of N95 masks in a pandemic: 

COVID 19 has affected many countries by destroying their economy and social life. So the governments of different countries were worried about its control. At that time N95 masks have saved the lives of millions of people. N95 masks have proved as lifesaver personal equipment all over the world that's why it's of great importance. Based on its filtration ability N95 masks have been used all over the world. 

American universities researching on N95 masks:

At the beginning of the pandemic, it wasn't clear that personal protective equipment like masks can be useful in protecting people from harmful particles. But with time as researchers from different institutes like American universities started working on the uses of N95 masks. Many universities have worked a lot on the benefits and the effects of these masks for the people. 

Then after this long research, many researchers of the universities have given some conclusions about it. According to them, N95 masks are suitable for the people that are affected by the COVID 19. Because these N95 masks have a great ability to filter the maximum number of harmful particles. Some of the universities that are working on the research for finding the benefits and side effects of N95 masks:

  • Research of Duke University:
  • Harvard University
  • University of Washington
  • University of Toronto
  • Stanford University
  • Columbia University
  • University pod California

These are universities that are playing an important role in the research about the N95 mask. These universities have been trying to find an exact result that could show that if these N95 masks are suitable for people or not. Most of the masks were used by the people working at the construction sites. 

Because the ability of these N95 masks is so high that it can filter a maximum number of dust and virus particles present in the air. These N95 masks have also been used by the public in this pandemic to get protection against the virus. So, those top-rated universities are mentioned here: 

Research of Duke University about N95 mask:

This American University has worked on different types of N95 masks. All those masks were used by millions of people in many countries. That's why there was confusion in the mind of many people. That's why it's needed to make research on the use of N95 masks. As the COVID 19 was spreading frequently in a short time there was confusion that these masks were going to fulfill the need of the day. 

Duke University has tested many N95 masks to check their ability and safety. Many professionals were involved in this research. They have made long research about these masks. And this research involved the investigation of the ability of these masks. Researchers have found that these masks are the best personal protective equipment that could control the maximum number of particles.

According to their research N95, masks are the best personal protective equipment that can be used to get protection against any kind of harmful particle. Their research has concluded that these respirators can give 95% protection in any condition if people use that.

 Research of University of Washington:

The University of Washington is the second university in America that has conducted important research about the N95 mask. This university has tried to make it clear that this mask is suitable as personal protective equipment that can give good protection against the virus. So they started an authentic work that could give them the efficiency of a N95 mask. After the work of about a few months, they found that N95 masks are the perfect equipment to be used by people in this pandemic.

Research of Harvard University:

Harvard University is one of the top-rated universities that also works on researching N95 masks. This research conducted by many professionals has proved that the N95 mask is the best equipment for the use of people to be used in this threatening time.


As the threat of COVID 19 was increasing, people started using N95 masks frequently to protect themselves from the threatening disease. But there was confusion in the mind of people that are these N95 masks suitable to use in the pandemic. So, some of the people universities tried to conduct some research that can show the efficiency of these masks. Some universities have conducted some essential researches to show that. 

According to their result, N95 masks are the best personal protective equipment that can give the maximum protection from the virus. Because the N95 mask is made up of high-quality stuff that enhances its ability.

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