Surgical masks:

Surgical masks are the loose-fitting stuff that is used by people to protect themselves from any kind of harmful particle. These surgical masks are mostly used by medical institutes because these are made up of high-quality stuff and are specially made to protect people from harmful microscopic particles.  

Many public health care organizations have approved the use of these surgical masks by the people in different countries. These surgical masks are made up of quality stuff that masks it, able to filter the maximum number of harmful particles present in the air.

Role of surgical masks in a pandemic:

When COVID 19 occurred at the end of 2019 in the city of China. At that time, it wasn’t that dangerous for people but after a few months, it has destroyed many countries socially and economically. So, many manufacturers of personal protective equipment designed surgical masks for the people. These surgical masks have played an important role in protecting many harmful particles.

These surgical masks have saved many people by its high-quality filtration. These masks have been used by millions of people in different countries.

Universities researching on surgical masks:

At the beginning of COVID 19 when people were using masks, so at that time no one was confirmed about the benefits and the side effects of these masks. Then many researchers from different institutes started working on the medical masks research. They have worked a lot for finding a suitable conclusion about surgical masks. After a work of many years, researchers concluded these surgical masks.

According to the researchers of many universities, surgical masks are suitable for the use of the public. Some of the universities that are playing an important role in the research about surgical masks are mentioned here:

  • American international medical institute
  • Association of American Physician and Surgeons
  • Duke University
  • University of Washington
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • University of Toronto
  • Columbia university
  • University of California

These universities are playing an important role in the research for surgical masks. These American universities have to work for a long time to clear the confusion about the use of surgical masks. Even if all of them are important according to their work but some of them are of great importance. Because they have made essential research that was needed to clear the confusion with the surgical masks.

Conduction of research of American universities on surgical masks:

There were lots of American universities that were working on the research of these medical masks. But some of those medical universities have been considered as the top universities that have researched different types of surgical masks. Some of those surgical masks were being used by the public.

But the majority of those medical masks were used by the people working in the medical centers. Because surgical masks are specially made by the manufacturers to use by such people that have to deal with patients suffering from different types of diseases. These universities are mentioned here:

University of Toronto:

At the beginning of the spread of COVID 19, many people started using the N95 mask. But it was necessary to check the efficiency of surgical masks that these surgical masks can protect or not. So, in this case, the University of Toronto has conducted research in which they have tested surgical masks. In their research, many professionals tested many surgical masks. They have analyzed many surgical masks by passing them from different tests that were specially made to see the ability of a product. 

In their research, they have mentioned the confusion about it. After the work of a few months, they have concluded that these surgical masks are suitable for people to use. Because these surgical masks can give maximum protection against any kind of particle, that can be harmful to human health.

Research of Columbia University:

Columbia University is the second most rated institute that has offered research on many protective types of equipment and surgical masks are one of them. This university has conducted research work to check the efficiency of surgical masks. They have made a long effort in analyzing many surgical masks that were being used by millions of people all over the world. Then they tested them according to their quality rate. 

They have mentioned a specific quality range for the protective masks, below which a mask cannot be able to use. According to their conclusion, these surgical masks are the best personal protective equipment to be used in medical institutes. Because these medical masks are conduits of good stuff that can keep people safe from any harmful particle.


After the occurrence of COVID 19, it became necessary to wear masks that can protect them from any kind of harmful particle. Even if people were using these masks in medical institutes in the majority, it was needed to check its safety. So, many universities conducted research work to analyze its ability to filter any kind of harmful particle. Many universities conducted this research but some of them are of great importance.

According to their conclusion, surgical masks are perfectly suitable for people to use in medical institutes. Because any personal equipment that is used in medical centers should have the maximum ability of filtration. And these surgical masks have fulfilled that requirement.

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