Getting the approval of NIOSH is one of the most important factors in the success of a product. It could mean the life or death of a company if they do not get the approval from NIOSH. 

In this article, let us talk about the importance of getting NIOSH approval, the N95 Masks that have not been given NIOSH approval, as well as how you can still use other masks even if they are not N95 masks as long as they are not counterfeit products.

The Importance of Getting NIOSH approval

NIOSH approval is one of the most important approvals of 2020. Once a product or a personal protective equipment like N95 masks gets approved by the regulatory body, he can already reproduce the product and make sure that he manufactures N95 masks based on the needs of the population. Once you get a thumbs up from NIOSH, as a manufacturer, you are already in with the big leagues. In terms of the products like N95 masks, NIOSH is very specific when they approve especially when it comes to the products that would protect the general population.

The N95 Masks That Received NIOSH Approval

There are a lot of  N95 Masks  in the market. These  N95 Masks have been approved by the NIOSH as a regulatory body. Generally, however, the products that received the NIOSH approval are the products that came from manufacturers that are already trusted and that are already known by the world to reproduce a lot of good products. If you are looking for a good personal protective equipment set such as  N95 Masks and N95 respirators, you should probably check out the following manufacturers:

  • 3M. Everybody knows that 3M is the company we can all rely on when it comes to producing N95 masks that are perfect for use of individuals and any person in the United States. The company has produced the best and most sought after and N95 masks that individuals would definitely want to have at the time of a pandemic. The good thing about this manufacturer is that the end-user is sure that the products they make in the products they create have been approved in the United States created in the United States by Americans. This is specifically important especially now that dependence on other countries is not really good especially in terms of providing the personal protective equipment needs of the population.
  • Kimberly-Clark. The good thing about a product like N95 masks is the fact that the competition nowadays is fierce and it makes a very good case for individuals who want to provide a certain level of protection while at the same time competing against the already established brands. The Duckbill N95 masks coming from Kimberly Clark is a great competition for 3M models of N95 masks. The product has already been approved by NIOSH and he said to have established a more or a much better breathing opportunity for individuals. It is definitely important for individuals to know that this is the kind of product that they should have taken their personal protective equipment arsenal

The N95 Masks That Did Not Receive NIOSH Approval

There are also other personal protective equipment that fall under the same classification as N95 Masks that do not need to receive any kind of approval from NIOSH because of the fact that they have been approved from other countries. 

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to this part is whether or not filtering facepiece respirators such as those that are not approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health or NIOSH provide the similar protection that is approved by NIOSH, the answer is yes. Hence, even if some of the N95 mask that you see in the United States do not receive NIOSH approval, they will still provide the same level of protection as they are almost evaluated using methods that are similar to those set by the regulatory bodies and has provided the right respiratory assessments to support the response needed.

Basically, the N95 mask that did not receive NIOSH approval or those that have been approved by FDA. However these N95 masks are definitely the ones that can be used by individuals and may still provide the same level of protection as the ones that have been approved by NIOSH. The N 95 mask equivalent coming from Korea, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Europe, and Brazil, have all received the coveted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Only select manufacturers coming from China have been approved under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) issuance.

NIOSH Approval Is The Standard, But FDA Approval Is Also Good

Given that the current demand and supply situation of the personal protective equipment industry such as N95 masks and N95 respirators is not yet solved, the emergency authorization that has been given to the FDA to allow foreign license or foreign authorized products are still applicable. 

Given that it seems that we are not going to see the end of this pandemic anytime soon, it is important that we always ensure the health and safety of every single person especially those in the medical front lines. Hence, if you see that the product is approved by a regulatory body other than NIOSH, say it is approved by the FDA, you can still rest peacefully at night knowing that you are protected by the product that you bought. While it is true that NIOSH approval is the standard, the FDA approval is also good especially given the circumstances that we are in today.

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