These peoples' opinions on N95 masks are extremely relevant

The outbreak of COVID19 and its effects on the world:  

COVID-19 has occurred at the end of 2019. Firstly, it appeared in China and then with time it became threatening all over the world. There were lots of factors that have affected the spread of COVID-19 in different counties. One of the factors that had helped in its transmission from one place to another is by human beings. In the beginning when this virus wasn’t so common, the government of infected countries didn’t take it seriously and consider it like other small infections.

But within a short period when people started dying because of this disease then it occurred in the form of a huge wave that turned the attention of everyone toward itself, the government was in big trouble over how to control COVID-19. When people started working on their control till then it had caused a great loss to the economy and millions of people died because of this. COVID-19 is one of the biggest tragedies that happened in this world that has affected the whole world to such a huge level.

Responses of US, China, Russia to the COVID-19:

Even if COVID-19 was affecting various countries but still many countries weren't ready to take the responsibility for the failure in the control of coronavirus because they don't want to be considered as responsible for the spread of this threatening disease? Some of those countries that were not successful in the control of COVI 19 were the United States, China, and Russia that tried to blame the UN for non-systematic measures to control it, just for the sake of protecting themselves.

 In an international conference of the United Nations when these countries were asked about the reason why they're unsuccessful in controlling the spread and transmission of this virus. Then they fully reflected the reason for this uncontrollable virus on the UN. These countries said that everything that has happened including the failure in its management was just because of non-cooperative United nations. This action of these countries created a disturbance in the circle of the United Nations and no one considered it the right thing to do.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs):

In this critical situation of COVID-19 when everyone is in the threat of being infected by these different countries tried their best to save the people from being in trouble in this crucial time. So one of the best strategies that were adopted by all of those successful countries was the use of Personal protective equipment that was considered to be the best thing to control COVID-19. Personal protective equipment is best for everyone who is searching for any protective measure to save their lives.

Among all of the equipment, N95 masks were proved to be more effective in resistance against COVID-19 because of their protective mode of action. N95 masks can give 9 percent protection against any kind of microscopic particle present in the air that can be dangerous for human health if it entered the human body through respiration. But N95 respirator is specially made to protect against them.

Responses of famous politicians to COVID-19:

In the case of COVID-19, many famous politicians have done lots of work but some of them have just made some comments that are not true about coronavirus. But some of them have made a great effort to control the spread and transmission of COVID-19. These politicians are: 

Donald Trump’s responses to COVID-19: 

For the control of this virus, Trump hasn’t done anything trustable. Mostly indifferent conferences he has just said everything that was fake and wasn’t based on reality. As in some of his conferences she just said that this threat of COVID-19 is going to end and there is nothing to be worried about. But actually, it wasn't true, even at that time the number of infected patients was so huge in the United States.

Joe Biden’s response to COVID-19:

This famous politician made a good step to control the COVID-19 and to make the economy able to support the country in upcoming months. He has pointed out the failure of Trump's administration to control COVID-19 in the past time and mentioned the reason is that he wasn't serious about it. Joe Biden has proposed his plan to provide free treatment and medicines to the public so that the rate of infected patients can be controlled.

General Dr. Gerome Adams’s response to COVID-19:

Till now a huge number of people are being infected by COVID-19 and because of this the United States is a great threat to have a poor economy at the end of this year. But General Dr. Gerome Adams has been on the front line to convey the message to the people to maintain social distance so that we can manage this pandemic without a problem. 


COVID-19 has made a disastrous impact on the economy of many countries throughout the world. But every country has a different mindset about the management of it. In the same way, many politicians have their strategies to control COVID-19 but some of them weren't successful in their work while others made it possible to some extent. Because they were serious about it.

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