Florida is one of the states among the total 50 states in the United States of America and is located in the Southeastern region of the country. Florida has a population of 20 million and is the 2nd most populous state in the country. So how exactly a state with a high population of over 20 million tackles an issue and disease as dire as the notorious coronavirus? And more importantly--how does it cope with the lack of personal protective equipment such as the likes of disposable face masks, N95 masks, sanitizers, and even the basic utility items that faced extreme shortage due to hoarders? The answer to these questions lies in the word  “planning”.

The situation of coronavirus in the state of Florida

While a plan in most cases could help you achieve your desired objective-it can also go south. But no one knows which route a plan is going to take until it’s quite late already. Coming on to the state’s initial response to the coronavirus—the state officials’ response to this death was not quite up-to-the par as a huge surge of more than 900 cases was reported as of October 17th. Such an immense increase in the cases had not happened since August and as of today, the state has reported about 59,091 active cases.

The biggest contributing factor that may have resulted in such a huge number of cases and deaths in the state could be blamed on the state’s tardiness in discovering that COVID had already started to spread in January whereas official testing in the state had begun by March. So the state's lack of alertness and absence of a good pre-devised framework for fighting against the COVID-19 is the reason the state still has so many active cases.

Demetech—the sole N95 and PPE manufacturer in the state of Florida

While the state continues to report more cases each day, the situation is not that different in the other states of the USA either. We can see new cases emerging every-day and although the numbers have simmered down quite a bit, the pandemic is still far from being over. In these devastating times, Demetech—a global corporation dealing in PPE, mesh, and bone-wax came forward to assist the citizens by manufacturing N95 respirators and other PPE and by employing additional labor to help execute this plan. The company is located in Miami with offices extending in other regions such as Asia, Middle East, South America, North America, and even Europe.

This N95 manufacturing corporation has certifications of approval from three of the major medical authorities—the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), International Standard Organization (ISO), and CE Marketing. The corporation is famous for its creative technological developments in the field of medicine such as the surgical suture that is a wound closing device and hernia mesh. The company decided to boost its manufacturing strategy to be able to produce more N95 respirators in the shortest period and to make them available countrywide.

The company’s decision to speed its products was preceded by the CDC director's statement in which he highlighted the importance of wearing a mask and stressed on how a mask could be more useful in preventing the spread of COVID-19 than a vaccine. Demetech is among the few handful companies manufacturing N95s in America and the only N95 manufacturer in the entire state of Florida. The company’s N95 respirators are also approved by the staff at NIOSH which further ensures the reliability of Demtech’s N95 respirators.

How Demetech and their N95s are retaliating against Coronavirus

The company is helping fight in its way by ensuring N95 and other essential PPE for healthcare workers and the public and their decision of employing more laborers in the company, to fasten the production has also been of great help. Many unemployed individuals got job opportunities because of Demetech which provided relief to the families of a lot of people since many people had lost their jobs during the pandemic because of the downfall of the economy.

At the current moment, COVID is still very much present and so is the need for everyone to wear a mask. While Demetech is producing NIOSH-approved N95s to assist the front line workers in the fight against this pandemic they are also getting more recognition due to their innovative approach towards all PPE products. The company’s mask is made from the highest quality material and everything involved in the manufacturing of the mask ranging from machinery to the raw material is produced in the USA.

Some of the company’s highest quality masks include the NIOSH approved 5 layered protection N95 mask with a sealed fit, dual straps, and a nasal foam. The ASTM three-layered surgical mask offers the best protection against fluids and bacteria and an additional air-flow valve.


Demetech is making a pivotal difference by ensuring the provision of N95 and other PPE for everyone in Florida and all over America. The company is not only ensuring the safety of the medical sector workers but also providing a means of livelihood to laborers—many of whom had previously been unemployed but are now provided with a source of earning due to Demetech. The company, being the sole N95 manufacturer in the state could take advantage of its monopoly and sell PPE at much higher prices but the company is staying true to the American heritage and playing their part in making America great again.

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