Top 5 Places to Buy Hand Sanitizer

Out of nowhere, hand sanitizers became an essential item for health-conscious people worldwide. The sudden and unexpected demand led to shortages in most retail stores as more and more people needed to buy a hand sanitizer for themselves and their families.

Fortunately, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are a lot of new options for places where you can find high-quality hand sanitizers.

Today, we are going to discuss what is a hand sanitizer, why do you need it, and the best 5 places to buy it.

What is a Hand Sanitizer and Why Do You Need It?

Hand sanitizer is a liquid gel that people use to remove infectious germs from their hands. Hand sanitizers are generally less effective in killing bacteria than the traditional handwashing with soap and water, but they still do a pretty good job in removing dangerous germs from your hands.

Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is highly recommended if you don’t have access to clean water and soap to wash your hands. The most effective versions have between 60% to 95% alcohol, and they work against bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19. Currently, there’s no recommendation for using non-alcohol hand sanitizer.

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Now, that we have cleared this out the way, let’s discuss the top 5 places to buy hand sanitizer, starting with №1.


  1. Clinical Supplies


The rapid expansion of COVID-19 caught many people unprepared. Tons of American citizens had no access to masks or hand sanitizer. The ones that found some supplies online were left disappointed because they either didn’t receive a quality product or were scammed by the supplier.

That’s why we created Clinical Supplies, as a way to provide every American with the personal protective equipment that they need. We were able to expand quickly, so we can satisfy the growing demand for masks and hand sanitizers. Also, we made the decision that we are going to create PPE only in the US.

While it may be cheaper to outsource the production abroad, we decided that it would be best to provide high-quality protective equipment that is made in America. Currently, we have 3 hand sanitizer options in stock:





However, we do offer a wholesale option for anyone that wants to purchase more than 2,000 units and provide them for their local community. If you’re one of these individuals, feel free to reach us out here, so we can provide you with the protective equipment you need.


  1. Amazon


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon has become the go-to retail store for buying anything online. You can find everything there from cork board to protection masks. You can find hand sanitizers as well.

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were a lot of sellers that took advantage of the tragedy by overcharging for protective equipment.

Amazon has made an effort to remove any seller that markets low-quality PPE products like masks and hand sanitizers that don’t comply with their policies. They also remove people that overcharge their customers for these types of products.

That effort showed that Amazon is not interested in making money, but in helping their customers get high-quality products at affordable prices.

You can see their hand sanitizer options here.

Keep in mind that you have a purchasing limit for hand sanitizers and other protective equipment.


  1. eBay


eBay has followed the example of Amazon and has also cracked down sellers that are profiting from the COVID-19 pandemic. They have made an effort to keep the prices of the essential protective equipment like hand sanitizers and masks fairly low.

If you want to order a hand sanitizer, eBay will provide you with dozens of high-quality options that you can find here.

However, if you order from eBay, you’ll also have a purchasing limit on the personal protective equipment.


  1. Walmart


Walmart has also done its part in this crazy situation. They have put a purchasing limit on the protective equipment as well as hand sanitizers, so all the people that need them can get access to them. Walmart offers excellent products on fair prices, so they remain one of the stores where you can find hand sanitizers.

If you want to get a hand sanitizer from Walmart, you can check out all of their options here.


  1. Etsy 


Etsy has become a surprising option for protective equipment. They offer hand sanitizers, N95 masks and respirators on reasonable prices. That’s unexpected given that Etsy is a store for handmade and unique products.

If you’re looking for different, more fancy options for hand sanitizers, you can find them here.


To summarize, using a hand sanitizer during this COVID-19 pandemic is essential to protect yourself, your family and everyone around you. The best way to do it is to use a hand sanitizer that has more than 60% alcohol in it because they are the most effective. You shouldn’t use a non-alcohol hand sanitizer, because they won’t help you remove germs in any way.

The best places to buy a hand sanitizer online are:


  • Clinical Supplies USA


  • Amazon


  • eBay


  • Walmart


  • Etsy


If you want to get a hand sanitizer, don’t waste any more time. Choose the best option for you, order your package, and stay safe and protected.


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