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An N95 mask is a respiratory protective device designed to prevent hazardous airborne particles (including infectious agents, gases, or vapors) up to 95%. Its edges are specially designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth area. N95 respirators are commonly used in an industrial and health care setting where it is required to prevent themselves from dust particles or other harmful virus attacks.

Note that it should not be reused or shared with anyone.


N95 respirator plays a very significant role in preventing the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS COV-2) which causes COVID-19. 

Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) recommends using NIOSH approved N95 respirator for the safety of the patient as well as the healthcare worker. N95 respirator allows an easier breath through which makes it very comfortable to wear it all day long.

N95 respirator holding 95% filtration property of all hazardous airborne particles becomes the most needed mask during COVID-19 but if not available then you can use surgical masks that are also good in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

N95 respirators are of great value therefore especially designed for the people who worked in industries and health care settings where there is direct exposure to dust or other harmful infectious agents.


In the COVID-19 outbreak, due to the globally increased supply demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). World Health Organization (WHO) has already warned about the misuse and panic buying of global consumers will cause the spread of the Coronavirus and other infectious diseases among health care practitioners.

Though CDC recommends only Health care practitioners, nurses, direct responders with the patients, to use N95 respirators to save themselves from the infection and effectively treat the individual suffering in this pandemic. But due to its great value common people started buying them to protect themselves from being infected which boost up its demand globally and at the same time put Health care workers at a greater risk to be infected due to the N95 respirator shortage. This factor significantly boosted the manufacturing demands of N95 masks globally.

The WHO is working with governments, industries, and the suppliers to level up their manufacturing ratio and the effective management of N95 respirator’s supply chains.


During the pandemic, the demand for NOISH approved surgical face masks manufacturing companies has increased up to another level. Many companies play a very significant role in manufacturing N95 masks to globally meet their supply needs. Some of them are:


The 3M Company is an American multinational conglomerate corporation, operating in the field of worker’s safety, industry, US health care, and consumer goods. It is one of the largest manufacturers of N95 masks. 

As the demand of N95 respirator is increased globally among all health care practitioner, nurses, during this pandemic, the 3M company expect to ramp up US monthly production of N95 masks to 50 million in June 2020. The company is also planning to produce a 2 billion N95 mask globally within the next year.


The Prestige Ameritech is the largest N95 and surgical mask manufacturer in the United States. They also manufacture automatic machinery for the health care product line.

Prestige Ameritech also ramped up its production from 2,50,000 masks per day to 1 million per day.  


The Honeywell International Company is an American publicly traded, multinational conglomerate. Their headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. They primarily operate in four areas of business: Aerospace, Building technologies, Performance Materials & Technologies, and Safety & Productivity Solutions.

Honey well also took part in fighting against this pandemic situation by ramped up N95 mask production for its Rhode Island, and Arizona facilities. Combining these facilities, Honeywell is making 20 million N95 respirators each month in the United States. 

Honeywell will soon be boosting N95 mask production by 120 million per year.


3M N95 Respirator:

It is NIOSH approved containing non-oil based particles. 

This N95 respirator comes with 10 packs. The filter helps protect against 1) solids such as those from processing minerals, coal, iron ore, cotton, flour, and certain other substances.

It is a lightweight design to gain maximum comfort and worker acceptance. Applications include: Spray painting, lacquering, petrochemical manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, paper processing, boat manufacturing, lab settings, non-oil pesticide spraying, and agriculture.

 It should only for the use of industrial and occupational workers.

Makrite 9500-N95 

It is NIOSH approved Makrite N95 respirator. It works on the frontline responding to COVID-19.

This N95 respirator is easy to breathe through, very soft and comfortable and has an excellent fit.

It should be used in a medical setting, personal protection.

Highly demanding product.

Boldfit N95 mask

This is the locally made N95 mask that is present at Amazon India. This N95 mask is approved by various research institutes and authorities for its sales in India. It is mainly used for protection against pollution, allergies from pollens or dust, splashing liquids, and various other chemicals. This N95 mask is reusable and after completing the proper decontamination process, it can be reused. 

There are proper guidelines for the use of this N95 mask. It covers the face completely and protects from all of the incoming particles. The material of the mask is soft and it protects the wearer’s skin from irritations. It provides 95% filtration.

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