Weekly Update: Where to buy N95 masks for sale online

The coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks has been one of the biggest issues that are being faced by countries around the world. Millions of people have been affected until now and still, hundreds of people are being infected with the virus each day. People are forced to live inside their houses and take precautionary measures. Governments are enforcing the lockdowns in their countries and asking the general public to stay at their homes.

Various guidelines have been issued by the American Center for Disease Control and Command (CDC) and the NIOSH for the safety of the general public and medical staff. Social distancing measures, use of face covering, and some other measures are in the top priorities to stop the spread of the virus. In the use of face masks, people are inclined towards using various face masks. These face masks protect the wearer from the exposure to various dust and harmful particles that can become the reason for the spread of the virus.

From all of the face masks, N95 masks have proven to be the most effective in dealing with the virus. This N95 face mask allows minimum or no particles to pass through it. They block almost 95% of the contaminants passing through it. They have a tight-fitting ability, which helps the users to cover their faces in the best ways. Moreover, they are extra comfortable for the wearer because of the soft material, adjustable nose clip, tight seal, valves, and braided straps.

All of the qualities make these N95 masks the best protective gear. Due to their high qualities, these masks have been in serious demand from the beginning of the COVID-19. Manufacturers such as 3M, Honeywell, and numerous others are busy producing millions of N95 masks for their customers and the healthcare facilities. After manufacturing verification of these N95 masks, these companies provide these N95 masks to the retail stores or online shopping stores. There are numerous online stores that sell these N95 masks.

Following are some of the major online stores and companies that are selling these N95 masks:

3M Company

3M company is one of the largest N95 producing company that supplies millions of N95 masks to the various customers and online stores. During the pandemic, when the coronavirus reached its peak, the 3M company face huge pressure from the customers online and from the healthcare facilities in the USA. 3M manufactures almost 89 million N95 respirators and masks every month.

In the NIOSH list for the manufacturers and sellers of N95 masks, 3M is the top company that has produced some of the finest quality N95 masks. They are officially approved for the sale of N95 masks to the stores and various other customers for bot personal use and sale purposes. So, if anyone wants to buy the N95 mask for sale online, they can contact the 3M company and purchase as many N95s as they want to sell.

3M company has a variety of the N95 masks available. All of these N95 masks and N95 respirators can be used for various purposes. They differ in their qualities. These qualities are the best for the protection of individuals from the virus. 3M regularly checks for the online stores and keeps a record of the companies that purchase the N95 masks from them, in order to keep a check on fake or counterfeit N95 masks.


Honeywell company is also one of the biggest firms that are producing N95 masks. During the pandemic, it played a major role along with the other firms in meeting the demands of the N95 masks worldwide. In the USA, Honeywell produced millions of masks and provided them to the healthcare facilities in their battle against the virus. They also provided other online stores with these masks, for reaching out to more and more people and protect them.

Honeywell provides these N95 masks to various retails stores and online stores for sale. However, they also sell these N95 masks for personal use as well.

Clinical Supplies USA

From the very initial days of the coronavirus, Clinical Supplies USA took a major step for the protection of the fellow American. They noticed the bad situations and how the people inside the USA were suffering from the virus and started selling the N95 masks. Their stocks of Clinical Supplies USA include some of the finest N95 masks made by 3M company and various other manufacturers. You can buy the best quality N95 masks and respirators in bulk from their stores for personal use as well for sale purposes.

All of the N95 mask models are available in their stores. They have ensured the quality of these N95 masks. All of the NIOSH verified N95 masks can be purchased on their site.

Alibaba Store

Alibaba store is also the biggest store that is providing the N95 masks to its customers both for sale purposes and personal use purposes. They have a variety of the N95 masks available at their stores. These N95s present at their stores are verified by the NIOSH and the CDC for sale to the customers. People can buy a variety of N95s and then sell these products on their sites and stores.


N95 masks and the N95 respirators are the best ones that can be found at various stores and firms for sale and personal use. All of the above-mentioned stores are the best-selling companies for these N95 masks.

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