Weekly Update: Which retail stores are offering N95 masks for sale?

N95 masks being a part of the personal protection equipment (PPE) played an effective role in containing the spread of the virus. The coronavirus spread at a much faster pace during the initial days of the pandemic. It started in China and reached almost all of the countries of the world in no time. With the surge of the virus, the demands of the PPEs also surged at a much faster pace.

Surgical masks, medical masks, gloves, gowns, N95 masks, and N95 respirators with the other necessary equipment became the need of the hour for everyone. People suffered a lot at the hands of the virus. Millions were diagnosed with the virus and at the same time, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives. At this time, when people were unable to find any suitable protective gear, N95 proved to be a blessing for everyone. 

Manufacturing companies around the world were getting orders of the millions of the N95 masks each day. The burden was so severe that these firms lost the ability to meet the demand line. People faced the shortage problem of the N95s. But at the same time with the help of various research institutes and universities, the American Center for Disease Control and Command (CDC) was successful in devising the strategies for the effective reuse of these N95 masks. 

The suppliers of the N95 masks supplied the N95 masks to various medical and healthcare facilities and also to the online and retail stores for sale to the customers. These steps helped out in making these N95 respirators available to the general public. Some of the major retail stores and online stores; however, played an effective role in delivering these N95 products to the customers. Following are some of the retail where N95 masks are still available for the sale purposes:


Amazon is one of the biggest retail corporations in the USA. From the very beginning of the COVID-19, Amazon played a major role in the availability of personal protective equipment for the general public. They had already millions of the N95 masks in store for sale purposes. They sold the N95 masks at the start of the pandemic, but due to the shortage of the N95 masks for the medical and healthcare departments, they had to stop the sales of N95 masks. 

Secondly, Amazon faced the controversy of the counterfeit N95 masks and respirators. The 3M company contacted the Amazon authorities and filed a case against this counterfeit N95 mask selling. However, later on, Amazon again started selling the N95 masks. At present, Amazon is selling N95 masks and respirators to the general public. Some of the best quality N95 masks are present at their stores.

Home Depot

Home Depot also sold millions of the N95 masks from the very beginning of the pandemic. They also donated millions of the N95 masks to various healthcare facilities. But later on, when there was a shortage of the N95 masks in the hospitals and medical facilities, Home Depot stopped selling the N95 masks. The decision was taken by the authorities at Home Depot after the Nationwide address of US President Donald Trump. 

In his address, US President Donald Trump ordered the authorities to stop the sale of the N95 masks for the general public and start providing them to the healthcare facilities. Home Depot also acted upon the decision and donated all these N95 masks to the healthcare facilities at very low prices. At present, they have various N95 masks available, but they are not selling it to the general public.

Walmart Inc.

Walmart Inc. is also one of the largest retail stores in the USA. It has several N95 mask models available at its store for sale. But, again as per the direction of the authorities and shortage of the N95 masks at hospitals, Walmart has also stopped selling these N95 masks. Walmart donated millions of masks to various departments. Also during the pandemic, Walmart has devised a special strategy in order to meet the pandemic crisis.

Mask Co.

Mask Co. is an online retailer, which is currently selling the N95 respirators. Their N95 respirators are the best respirators available in the market. They purchase all of these N95 respirators from 3M and various other countries and then sell these to various customers in bulk. The company has made a strong strategy and commitment to the availability of these N95s to its customers. 

The company sells the N95 masks in different quantities. They sell 20, 50, and 200 mask packs to their customers. All of these masks are NIOSH and the FDA approved masks. All of them have four layers, which help in water-resistance and virus protection. 

Clinical Supplies USA

Clinical Supplies USA is also selling these N95 respirators and masks at present. Apart from the N95 products, our store also has various other personal protection equipment. All of the N95 masks and respirators present at our store are verified by the NIOSH, CDC, and the FDA. Customers can contact the store manager and buy these N95 masks in bulk as well. 

Clinical Supplies USA store is one of the biggest stories in the USA which has some of the positive reviews from all of its customers. They have the best N95 products available at them, and currently, all of these products are available for sale.


Most of the retail stores stopped selling the N95 masks and N95 respirators at the orders of the government officials. However, some of the stores continued the sale of these N95 masks to meet the public demands. Apart from the above-mentioned stores, there are various other stores that are selling N95 masks at present.

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