What are "Duckbill" N95 masks?

Whenever you do research about N95 Masks, you probably heard about a lot of different kinds and the different kinds of protection that we value as the offer. It is not surprising that because of high demand, there is also a very high chance that many individuals would want to get their own version of the different kinds.

If you have heard about the Respokare N95 masks and all of the other masks, you have also probably heard of this one the “Duckbill” N95 Masks. What are duckbill N95 masks? What makes this a good choice for the N95 mask?

What Are Duckbill N95 Masks?

Duckbill N95 Masks are the latest trend in N95 masks. If masks were created during the time of the previous pandemics, they have probably looked like this one. Aptly named because of its duck-like shape, the Duckbill N95 mask also brings protection to the end-user and is said to bring more comfort and style as well. 

 Legally known as the Kimberly Clark (Kimtech™) N95 NIOSH 53358 Pouch Respirator, the Duckbill N95 mask is one that may also capture a market that has been flooded by demands for good and different variations of the 3M N95 Masks. 

The Duckbill N95 Mask comes with the following characteristics:

  • It comes with NIOSH certification as an N95 particulate filter respirator or TC84A-9042. It is not like the other new trends that does not provide the same level of protection like the 3M N95 Masks but it competes with the letter of protection that such 3M N95 Masks have to offer.
  • It comes with a pouch design. The breathing chamber brings added comfort to the individual and that makes it easier for the individual to ensure his safety.
  • It has a consistent seal around the mouth. Just like the 3M N95 Masks, this mask ensures consistent seal to ensure that the fit is proper and is absolutely divine. It brings a different sense of protection since the fit is different from the 3M N95 Masks.
  • The mask has a comfort fit headband so you can easily fit it in around your head and you will not feel any pain at the end of the day.
  • The nose piece is bendable so you can adjust it based on your needs.
  • It is made of two layers of electrostatic treated melt-blown filters that protect the individual.

Should I Buy The 3M Version Or The Duckbill N95 Mask?

If you are torn between the 3M N95 mask and the Duckbill N95 Mask, you should know that they are both approved by NIOSH. The determination as to whether or not you will buy this mask is based now on your personal preference.

The Duckbill N95 Mask is said to have better breathability. Hence, if you have breathing problems it would be better for you to have something that would help me bring in some more. This might be the reason why you wanted some 3M N95 mask with exhalation valves before.

This mask is also worn like a headband. The straps would extend around the head and over it rather than the usual style of cooking it over your ears. This means that after a long day you do not have to worry so much about your pain or all of the other pains associated with wearing a mask for a long period of time. A lot of N95 masks wearers are saying that it is actually a more comfortable mask.

In terms of construction, the duckbill N95 mask also differs from the usual 3M respirators in their construction. The Kimberly Clark Kimtech N95 pouch respirators actually fold in the front and it folds flat when it is not in use. This is all because it is made of lightweight material. The best part is that this can also block the 95% minimum blocking capabilities that we have seen with the 3M NIOSH-approved N95 mask.

The construction is sturdy as it is made with two layers of electrostatic-treated melt-blown filters. This means that the electrostatic attraction helps with capturing dust and other particles in the air and making sure that it does not come in contact with the mouth, eyes, or the nose of the wearer for his protection. The mask is fitted with a bendable nose piece for comfort so individuals who have long found the mask of the 3M kind of irritating because the piece only bends so far would definitely benefit from this mask. 

Like most of its contemporaries in the N95 mask line, the mask is designed to sit tightly against the face, forming a consistent seal but it allows for more room in front of the nose and the mouth so the wearer is still given the capability to  have better coverage.

Buy The Original Ones

Whatever kind of N95 mask you may be looking for, make sure that you buy the original ones. Make sure that you give it time and have the best kind that you can afford. You will probably be tempted to have a lot of other kinds of protection to your face, and that is okay. However, at the end of the line what matters is the fact that you have protection. The best protection is still the 3M NIOSH-approved N95 Masks. However, if you really want to be on trend, make sure that you buy the original version of this “Duckbill” N95 Masks.

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