What companies are producing self-cleaning N95 masks?

N95 masks, N95 respirators, and other personal protective equipment are certainly very important this 2020. The companies have made sure that they would produce the right kinds of products and scientists are also raising to provide the right kind of experience not just for their research and development but also for mankind in general.

In this article, let us discuss a few of the advances that have already been in place since scientists have decided to focus not just on creating a vaccine but also on the fact that there are so many more advances that people can definitely look at when we talk about the coronavirus. 

The Researched From China

The virus, wherever it originated is already all over the world. This fact forced scientists and the World Health Organization (WHO) to do everything in their power to research more and more about the virus and also to try and prevent the virus from reaching pandemic levels. Unfortunately this is not what happened. 

Scientists and the governments where the virus was first seen failed to contain the virus from the originating city and now we are all left with this pandemic that had cost us to pause our lives to quarantine, to isolate, and basically to rely on government and economics lives just to get by. Not to mention our basic necessities are also not just the food, Shelter, clothing, or even our families, our basic necessities now also include our need to have our own N95 masks, N95 respirators, and other personal protective equipment.

Chemical That Can Destroy The Virus

One of the first ideas that a lot of the scientists agree on is to create a chemical or at least provide a product that could allow for an end to the virus upon contact with the personal protective equipment see the N 95 mask or the N 95 mask. For a long time it felt as if there was the possibility that they would be successful. The research started back in March 2020.

Jiaxing Huang is a professor of materials science and engineering at Northwestern University. In March 2020, he contacted colleagues back home in China to brainstorm on how to apply their expertise to mitigate future pandemic. Eventually, they sent the subsequently published suggestions to the National Science Foundation (NSF). The NSF GAVE Huang a $200,000 grant to develop a chemical add-on for traditional masks that can destroy COVID-19. 

By that time, Huang and his team have put their other research aside to concentrate on this new project.

“I was trying to motivate my peers and students that even though we don’t work on the front lines or in virus-related research, there are still ways we can help. We want to be part of the long-term effort to contribute—not just for the current pandemic, but to be better prepared for future ones as well.” Huang said in an interview.

The Chemical Is To Be Put On Masks

At this point of the pandemic you were probably already very familiar with the use of masks, personal protective equipment, and all of the other gears or necessary for you to prevent contracting the virus wherever you go outside. The general idea of wands research is for them to put the chemical that they will create and discover on the N95 masks. 

Self Cleaning Masks

Huang was also looking at one practical thing in his research: what if he engineers an N95 mask that is made up of self cleaning fabric? This is a possibility. Instead of reinventing other things, the need is to make N95 masks that will be more self cleaning and will be able to give the wearer a good kind of experience. 

Today, Huang’s team is looking at cleaning agents and sanitation products that may deactivate the virus upon a broad range and upon contact with the mask. According to him, “What we need to worry about is how to fix these agents so they don’t [release] easily when people inhale and get into their lungs, but then we need to have them go away during exhalation. That’s the science challenge.

Huang and his team would still have a year to publish their findings, which we can only hope to be successful.

Meanwhile, there is another team that is based in Israel that is trying to do the same thing. Mechanical engineering professor Eyal Zussman of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is the head of this team. He led a team that developed a ‘3D-printed nanoscale fiber sticker coated with antiseptics that trap particles and neutralize viruses in droplets that land on the mask’. Basically, the idea is to create a sticker that attaches to a traditional N95 mask to provide extra protection and trap particles and neutralize viruses.

Hope Is Still Here

One thing that a lot of people have learned all throughout this pandemic is the fact that everything that will happen will definitely be challenging but one should not give up. With the current developments in with the currents and just as well as the scientific advancements that we have this year, we should be ready to face the fact that there are still going to be a lot of challenges but there is always going to be. Whether or not the researchers that we have noted above will be successful, the important thing is that we hold up hope for scientists to discover the best way that we can protect ourselves from the virus and the best way that we can still enjoy our lives in the future.

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