What companies compete with 3m in the n95 mask market?


3M has become one of the largest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturers in the United States. Before the pandemic, 3M would sell products like sandpapers to the public. By selling everyday products like these, 3M made more than thirty-two billion dollars in the year 2019. After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, 3M started manufacturing healthcare products because of its immense demand. It is not a respirator manufacturing company; it manufactures products for several other industries as well. 

3M has been providing the healthcare facilities of the United States with crucial PPE like N95 respirators, surgical gloves, surgical gowns, surgical masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, eye protection, and myriads of other PPE as well. 3M has sold more than four million N95 respirators to the general public of the United States in the last six months; this shows how big their business has gotten because of the novel coronavirus. 3M has been boosting the production of N95 respirators recently as well.

3M has got a total of 98,300 employees in 2019. The headquarters of 3M is located in the United States. 3M is one of the most immense corporations in the United States when it comes to revenues.  

N95 respirator market  

N95 respirators are particulate filters whose objective is to keep the wearer safe from myriads of hazardous particles. Healthcare officials prefer using N95 respirators over other face masks; this is because N95 respirators offer better protection to the wearer than the other face masks. The N95 respirators are more effective, and they filter out more particles than the other face masks. Since they are better than other respirators, healthcare officials are given N95 respirators for protection while treating patients.

The N95 respirator filters out particles with a size of fewer than 0.3 microns. In addition to that, N95 respirators can filter out more than ninety-five percent of the dangerous particles. N95 respirators’ usage has become an integral part of our routine. If you do not wear an N95 respirator, you are putting other people’s lives in jeopardy—which must not be done. COVID-19 is one of the crucial reasons why the N95 respirator market has been flourishing recently.

The market for the N95 respirator has skyrocketed in the year 2020. When 2020 began, the wildfires in Australia deteriorated the air quality of the region. The N95 respirators were the ones that were used during wildfires to deal with the carcinogens and all the smoke. That is when the market for N95 respirators started to increase. After the novel coronavirus commenced spreading around the world, people would start purchasing PPE like N95 respirators to seek protection from this respiratory disease. 

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, several companies, other than 3M, started manufacturing N95 respirators as well. None of these companies were mask manufacturers. They were already selling multiple products before the pandemic. The names of these companies are Honeywell and Kimberly-Clark. They have joined the race of manufacturing N95 respirators as well. None of these companies are face mask manufacturers. They sell other products as well.


Honeywell is one of the primary competitors of 3M when it comes to the N95 respirator market. The headquarters of Honeywell is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Honeywell manufactures various products for its customers like air coolers, air conditioners, air purifiers, thermostats, and a plethora of other products. Recently, Honeywell has started manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products like N95 respirators, face shields, medical kits, surgical gloves, cleaning wipes, and other respiratory protection products. 

There are more than one hundred thousand employees in Honeywell. It mainly produces products for aerospace industries, technological products, and healthcare products. It is one of the largest companies in the United States. The majority of Honeywell’s products are manufactured in the United States. It manufactures products of the utmost quality. Moreover, Honeywell is a reputable brand. Honeywell is one of the strongest competitors of 3M—which is the largest N95 respirator manufacturer in the U.S.


Kimberly-Clark is another major competitor of 3M. The headquarters of Kimberly-Clark resides in Irving, Texas. It is a company in the United States. Kimberly-Clark manufactures products for the healthcare industry. These products include cleaning wipes, Cottonelle, hygiene products, disposable diapers, and baby wipes. The company has forty thousand employees. During the novel coronavirus, this company has assisted the healthcare facilities of the United States by manufacturing and providing various products to them. 

It manufactures various products like surgical gloves, face masks, N95 respirators, eye protection, face protection, and many other health-related products as well. The net worth of this company is more than two billion dollars. It primarily manufactures paper products for its customers. It manufactures products for industries like healthcare and personal care. 


3M has been manufacturing crucial products for healthcare facilities and the United States’ general public. These products have been indispensable to combat respiratory illness—which is the novel coronavirus. These products include surgical masks, N95 respirators, gloves, gowns, eye protection, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants, etc. The main competitors of 3M in the N95 respirator market are Honeywell and Kimberly-Clark. These companies have assisted hospitals, nursing homes, and dental clinics as well by selling products to these healthcare facilities. 

Their primary purpose is to get rid of the novel coronavirus. None of these companies were respirator manufacturers in the past. Designing N95 respirators has become an integral portion of their businesses now. 

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