What countries have the most N95 masks outside the US?

N95 masks are one of the best masks that are considered to defeat the COVID-19, the current coronavirus infection that has spread worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic came as something like a bad dream in our life, and it is an unexpected time all around the globe. Government and healthcare have provided guidelines to prevent and safeguard from this life-threatening virus by taking various preventive measures and following social distancing everywhere.

Governments and doctors have recommended that humans stay at home to stay safe. Even in many countries, the government has imposed a lockdown where humans cannot go out and take part in any social gatherings. Covid 19 virus has different impacts on people with various immunities. If found ill because of this virus, people with stronger immunity may find moderate respiratory problems and not require special treatment to recover. People with low immunity, older age, or medical problems like diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease are likely to have severe consequences on their health and require special treatment to get rid of this virus. 

The WHO recommends that wearing a mask can save you from coronavirus infection. N95 masks are precisely one of the types of masks approved as the most competent and safe mask by NIOSH. N95 respirators and surgical masks are the best personal protective equipment used to protect the workers worldwide, working in industries like mining, painting, food products, construction, etc. from all kinds of dust, harmful air particles, and viruses. N95 masks filter approx 95% airborne particles. During the COVID-19 situation, N95 masks are highly recommended by the centers for disease control and prevention and the NIOSH.

All the doctors and healthcare departments are using N95 masks to safeguard themselves from the coronavirus. This is the very new pandemic on which very few scientific materials are available. The entire United States has suffered a lot with a high death rate because of this lethal virus. During this situation, only N95 masks and sanitizers are considered as a life-saving tool to fight coronavirus. The US is one of the top countries that are using N95 masks most.

N95 masks must meet the norms and standards of the respirator in the US and many other countries. There are three grades of respirator masks: N90, N95, and N99, equivalent to FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 masks of European standard.

N90 masks are the one which can filtrate at least 80% of aerosol filtration and leakage to the inside of a maximum of 22%. These masks are considered to be used as a dust mask.

N95 masks, which are also known as FFP2 masks, have a filtration percentage of 95% minimum and a maximum of 8% leakage outside. These are the masks used to protect from viruses and infection. These are the masks that are considered as the most efficient masks to combat coronavirus.

N99 masks, also known as FFP3 masks, are among the best filter masks in the market, with a minimum filtration of 99% and a maximum of 2% leakage to the inside. These masks are best used to protect against minute particles like asbestos. N99 masks are considered as the best masks to protect against coronavirus.

Which other countries have the most masks apart from the US?

It was the brokers in the US who were selling and exporting N95 masks most to the foreign countries. Foreign countries like East Asia and Europe, and other hot spot zones have the N95 masks. Apart from Europe, two dozen nations, including China and India, have the most N95 masks. Japan, South Korea, Germany, and Australia also have N95 masks, and they have banned exports of critical health care products to boost the domestic supply. India is one of the countries using most N95 masks as India's situation has also worsened due to the current pandemic.

Other countries that are using N95 masks are: 




Bosnia and Herzegovina


United Arab Emirates















South Korea

N95 mask or N95 respirator is a particulate filtering respirator that meets the US standard of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The N95 mask or N95 respirator does not require the standard to be resistant to oil. US NIOSH approved N95, and most of the countries are recommending N95 masks as one of the safest masks to be used. 

N95 masks have high demand everywhere, especially during this current Bubonic plague situation. The urgency of wearing the mask while moving outside for meeting people or in social gatherings or even to buy household commodities has raised the demand for the masks all across the world.  As one cannot see the virus, neither can they know who is suffering from Covid-19; it has become imperative to use masks to make any move outside the house. There has also been a cross border flow of N95 masks by countries to help each other in these challenging times. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), countries like the US and Canada need around 89 million medical masks every month to meet their masks' daily requirements. The governments of such countries are steadfast in increasing the masks' manufacture to meet the demand of their citizens and ensure their safety. 

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